Yoga and Being a Warrior, a Veteran; a new article just published

First Responder Yoga & Mindfulness Training last year

I was delighted on Sunday to find a full and generous discussion of yoga practice that lands close to my heart in this New York Times article for military veterans with content parallel to my first responder trainings a few years ago. Many of those first responders are veterans.  It was a triple delight to have two of my  students send me a link to the same article.  I thought I should send this along to many more!

Link to the NY Times Yoga & Veterans article

Those of you who know me and my mode of teaching know that what I share isn’t the ‘yoga-robics’ common in health clubs nor is it a quasi-religious rendering of an other worldly ‘out there’ experience.  Teaching here is inviting the basic elements of attention to the experience of being alive and embodied; offering an attentive presence at the edges of challenge.  Exploring outside the box of what should, was, want, control, avoidance, or don’t want.    Being here in this moment with all its difficulty and joy, as a practice.

I find that this speaks clearly and directly to folks yearning for practical and no-nonsense integration in their life; heart, mind, profession, body, relationships.   In the New York Times article one of the veterans explains, “There is a stereotype that yogis are a bunch of hippie types of people who are not militaristic,” he then said. “But the whole system of yoga is about moral and ethical restraints on behavior and trying to stay calm in challenging conditions.” He related this to his military experience and it is what I found at the heart of my father’s attitude and other personnel while I was growing up in the military.  Of course that is at the heart of yoga and mindfulness practice in my book.

Kind Regards  —  Brant

Dear Government Employees and Contractors. You are My Guest Here.


My heart goes out to the federal government employees and contractors who, for no fault of their own, are on furlough, out of work, or working for no pay during the government shutdown.  Having been a federal employee for the US Peace Corps,  USDA, and Fish & Wildlife Service, as well as a contract research scholar on a federal grant for many years I know how hard folks work in service for the common good we all share.  I know how crucial their work is for all of us no matter our political leanings.

I am certain that “What makes America great” is how we can support one another in times of crisis.  

So if you are an employee affected by  the shutdown, for the duration of the shutdown please come as my guest to any of my weekly yoga classes and contact me to arrange deeply discounted or scholarship registration for my other programs; consulting, coaching, workshops, MBSR.  Contact me when you’d like to attend:

Contact Brant

If you know someone who would benefit by this please forward this along to them.   Likewise, please offer something helpful to them in some way alongside your efforts to communicate with your elected officials to help resolve this difficult moment in our history.

Thank you for what you offer our country.  I am here for you and am offering what I can in material and moral support.  I know that the practices  here can be helpful in the face of life’s big challenges and I offer these to you.

Thank you for your service.  I am here for you.  —  Brant

Would you like a Mindful Family Practice; Parents, Children, Relatives? Reach Out to Brant

Come and share playful exploration and elements of mindfulness practice with your family; movement, laughter, stillness, affirmation.  Parents and relatives with children 8 and up. 

By request from a few parents. We’ll need a number of families to commit to make this work.  Sunday afternoons in early 2019 TBA.  Probably 4 to 5pm. We’ll have some home practice activities for you to share with family between classes in order to enhance learning for the long-term.  Reach out to Brant to let him know if you’d like to be in such a series.

Interested in an Adaptive Yoga Class? Reaching out to you.


Many of us need wheelchairs, walkers, canes. and otherwise to help us be mobile.  All of us can learn and share a joyful, adapted practice in a chair or otherwise.

We’ll move a bit and gather a sense of how people might want to proceed with

Contact me if you’d like to regularly addend such a class and we can see if there is a time and day that works for us all!  Note when you contact me what days and times would be best. —  Contact Brant






Two Winter 2019 MBSR Programs Now Open for Registration; the Saturday session is excellent for Portland area commuters.


As I did all throughout last year  I have opened registration for winter’s Saturday MBSR Course in addition to my regular Thursday evening MBSR Course.  The Saturday, 2pm training, is an excellent choice for Portland area commuters with good traffic and two Max Stations nearby.    My classrooms are an easy 2-block walk from both downtown Hillsboro Max stations.  Also there are a number of excellent restaurants, shops, and parks downtown near my classrooms.

A rich background of scientific research and books has made Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) one of the most effective and respected methods of helping people though the most stressful challenges of life: heart disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, asthma, multiple sclerosis, sleep problems and much more.  Read a summary of my MBSR program’s clinical results.  You may want to read the review paper about my MBSR program and mindfulness in the Journal of Participatory Medicine coauthored by my colleagues, 15 local referring physicians, therapists, teachers and MBSR participants: Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine Context & Relevance.  Also, you may be interested in my clinical research paper in the same Journal:  Mindfulness, Self-Care, & Participatory 
Medicine: A Community’s Clinical Evidence.

Learn more background about MBSR training here at this link:  MBSR at the Stress Reduction Clinic.  Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions about MBSR and my trainings:  Contact Brant.

Best of Hilsboro 2018: Gold – Yoga Hillsboro & The Stress Reduction Clinic


Hello Dear Folks;

I was delighted today to receive a poster in the mail from the Hillsboro Tribune for a Gold Metal Best of Hillsboro awarded to this studio!

Of course it’s not just the place.  It’s the thousands of students over nearly 15 years who’ve offered kindness toward one another as they arrive willing to practice and learn.  It’s us teachers who are offering our hearts to each student who walks through the door as well as having an earnest devotion to a way of life imbued with the art of compassionate sharing.  It’s the physicians, therapists, family members and friends who continue to refer folks to classes and trainings here.

I bow deeply to you all for helping make these small classrooms a place of safe, kind, and playful way to help meet life’s challenges with one another.  You all remain in my daily prayers and meditations.

Kindest Regards  —  Brant

October Meditation Vigil; Meeting Social Change with Courage


Supporting ourselves and one another these mornings to make a positive difference as society changes so much; elections, social media, rapid changes near and far.   More Details

Both Sunday and Wednesday Mornings, 7-8am,  throughout October.  Just show up.

There is no tuition for this.  Freely offered, though only if you sense it would be helpful and appropriate, offer something;  consider contributing something in some kind way (effort, funding, material) toward helping you and others meet the difficult changes in our society – a worthy charity, friend, acquaintance, or cause sometime this month.  Something that speaks to your larger and compassionate intentions to participate and be a contribution to a changing world.

My bias is that such an offering of something toward a cause that is bigger than you, that addresses your sense of a larger purpose, is very helpful in one’s life and always helpful in making a difference in that cause.

The Be-Well Gathering: Yoga, Mindfulness & Chronic Pain



This Be-Well Gathering an evening of  general overview and discussion of the benefits of mindfulness practice and modified mindful yoga as taught here.  We will review research that will help us understand how practice can be appropriately modified for folks with various chronic pain challenges.  Books and audio books by authors such as Dr. Lauren Fishman MD and Jon Kabat-Zinn and others will be reviewed and discussed.  Hosted by Brant.  RSVP.  Saturday, October 6th; 5-6:30pm

Adaptive Yoga Sunday, October 7th, RSVP


Many of us need wheelchairs, walkers, canes. and otherwise to help us be mobile.  All of us can learn and share a joyful, adapted practice in a chair or otherwise.  For many years I offered this class to folks.  Once again let’s meet and see if there is interest to move forward with more class and practice together.  Free on October 7th; 2-3pm. RSVP.  More details link.

Here is a portion of one of my classes:

Yoga Classes Here; All welcome, mindful, toward integration and wellness, honoring your limitations & strengths

My mindful hatha yoga classes are an invitation for you to be more at home with yourself; intentions, mind and body.  Learning here is an invitation to explore and remember your inherent ability to experience vitality, strength, balance, mental clarity and so much more.

Fall classes will begin in early September.  See the Schedule page for details.  Learn about the simple details of registering for my classes:  Yoga Class Registration.

People of all physical abilities are welcomed in my classes.  My style doesn’t push or demand.  It isn’t ‘yoga-robics’ nor is a quasi-religious exercise.  You’re simply invited to move and be kind and attentive to your experience in your unique way whether you are in a wheelchair or preparing for your next triathlon.  Learn more: Yoga & Movement Class Descriptions, Videos and More.

Please note that my description of classes as ‘mindful yoga’ is not a particular brand or school of yoga as much as it is a description of my way of teaching as influenced by many years of personal practice and teaching mindfulness-based trainings; details here.  My teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote about this in his book Full Catastrophe Living and in a 2003 article in the magazine Yoga International.

I am a yoga teacher trainer and offer mentoring and continuing education to yoga instructors via my certification with Yoga Alliance.

If you are interested in the tangible benefits of learning here review the research and clinical results found in my courses and also read and listen to the testimonials of those who have studied with me.

Other teachers bring their unique styles to the classes and workshops they hold here.  See their bio pages and our schedule for more details about their programs.