Your Answers to the Survey: “Are You Ready for In-Person Classes?” Thank you so very much! — Brant

Dear Folks;Have I told you recently how much I appreciate you all? I do. Every moment of every day. — Brant

Many dozens of you provided generous and thoughtful answers and comments to this simple survey. I am confident we are moving in a direction that is helpful as we enter 2022.

Let’s continue to find ways to meet life’s joys and challenges together during this era of monumental change; social, personal, family, local community.

The main results of the survey seem to be:

1. The large majority folks are very happy with online courses and willing to attend in-person when this pandemic has settled down in 2022.
2. Some folks haven’t or don’t attend online and will come back to classes once classes are in-person.
3. When folks noted which classes they would attend, online or in-person, the majority noted that either one would be fine though most preferred online classes.
4. Many folks noted that in-person once-in-a-while would be very welcomed such as periodic in-person themed workshops or gatherings.

Below is a graphic of the first question you answered:

Below is a graphic of the second question you answered:

Some of your comments and some of my thoughts about this survey:

One student noted, “I would love a retreat.”  I am hoping to offer a New Year’s Day Retreat as we have done for many years and in-person this coming January 1st. I will keep you posted.  I have been thinking about doing a multi-day retreat also.  Let’s see what we can do!  There were a number of folks who mentioned the desire to be in periodic theme-driven workshops and gatherings, even if in-person so let’s lean in that direction, “I would attend an in-person class from time to time if offered.”

There were a few folks who really long for in-person or avoid online classes with these comments, “In-person yoga a must,”  “Looking forward to in-person!!  “Especially weekends and 5:30 weekday classes!”  For those folks who really prefer or only want in-person classes I am going to provide them some recommendations for good teachers who teach in person.  Here to support you even to refer you to someone to support your practice.

Many folks still have concerns about COVID and/or prefer online and made these comments, “Can’t attend in-person classes because I’m out of state,”I may attend in person in 2022 if Covid cases are way down,” “I would feel comfortable if all would show proof of vaccination,” I’ll consider in-person once my son (11) is fully vaccinate,”  ” I do also really like the flexibility of not having to drive since I am in SW Portland so getting to Hillsboro means an hour of driving.”  “. . . my lung disease makes me highly vulnerable to any type of lung infection. And I don’t think I’d enjoy doing yoga while wearing a mask.”  Be assured online classes will continue as long as folks continue to show up!

There were many encouraging and heart-felt comments that help me continue to see value in sharing these practices!  Like these,  “So thankful for all that you do!”  “I appreciate your careful and thoughtful approach to meeting our needs.”Thank you for continuing to find creative ways to serve your devoted clientele.”  

I will continue to keep you informed and ask your opinion as we move forward. This is a challenging time for all of us so let’s find ways to meet life full-on and work with what we encounter with strength, compassion and worthy action.

Much Love —  Brant