Mindful Yoga & Movement Course Descriptions

My mindful hatha yoga courses are described below.  Please note that my description of classes as ‘mindful yoga’ is not a particular brand or school of yoga as much as it is a description of my way of teaching as influenced by many years of personal practice and teaching mindfulness-based trainings; details here.  My teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote about this in his book Full Catastrophe Living and in a 2003 article in the magazine Yoga International.

I am a yoga teacher trainer and offer mentoring and continuing education to yoga instructors via my certification with Yoga Alliance.

If you are interested in the tangible benefits of learning here review the research and clinical results found in my courses and also read and listen to the testimonials of those who have studied mindfulness and yoga with me.

Other teachers bring their unique styles to the classes and workshops they hold here.  See their bio pages and our schedule for more details about their programs.

The general form of poses, simple flow, introduction to mindful breathing and attentiveness to direct experience, mindful movement.

Listen to a brief segment of one of Brant’s beginning mindful yoga classes


A course designed for folks who are generally mobile at a beginning level of practice though with some impairment, pain or limitation like sleeplessness, muscle tension, or impaired balance that can be worked with via simple, attentive movement, gentle attention to breathing, and simple, guided contemplative practices.  The heart of this class is to help students discover ways they can learn which practices are most helpful to support their way of life and address the challenges they are experiencing.  While this has the label ‘therapeutic’ it is in no a way treatment or substitute for medical or therapeutic care.  This is for  folks to discover what they can do for themselves.


A safe and friendly introduction to yoga, appropriate for those wanting to try an accessible form of mindful movement or for those who have had injuries in the past. We will practice movements that teach alignment and movement in ways that are available to most everyone. We will practice relaxation as well as develop strength and flexibility. Easy and modified yoga poses will be explored. Your physician should release you for general physical activity.

Listen to a brief segment of one of Brant’s gentle mindful yoga classes

Inversions, backbends, rigorous flow, and formal breath work are introduced. Mindfulness of direct experience during practice emphasized.

Special attention given to physical challenges and healing. Appropriate for those with movement impairments or living with illness chronic pain  as long as your physician has released you for gentle physical activity. Most of the poses and gentle movements are performed in a chair. (Pre-registration required):  Contact