Since opening the doors here in 2004 Brant Rogers has supported folks locally, across the region  and nationally in many ways; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainings, Mindful Yoga courses, research programs and publications, MBSR teacher training, workshops, tailored trainings and coaching for organizations and individuals.  He will gladly support you.

The central course Brant offers here is the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training.  There are three decades of excellent published research defining the many significant health and resilience benefits of the training.  Learn more about the elements, benefits, research done here and the current schedule of MBSR trainings:  MBSR at the Stress Reduction Clinic.

Here is a link to an audio recording of  a brief practice Brant has provided his clients and participants.  You may want to practice an listen.  This practice is similar to many of the practices learned in an MBSR training:  A Mindful Pause.

Mindful Yoga classes and workshops are offered here ten times a week on most days in a variety of themes;  gentle, therapeutic, beginning or intermediate levels of rigor. You’ll find neither quasi-spiritual nor yoga-robic style instruction.  Brant’s classes invite you to be as you are, to become more at home with your own unique level of health, experience, vitality and awareness and explore how to move safely and generously from there.  This is a practice that does not urge you to ‘push in order to get better.’  It’s a practice of allowing you to grow from the inside out, naturally.  As you find more of a sense of embodied presence you will find your own unique path toward greater ease, more vitality, better health, mental clarity, balance, strength, as well as emotional and physical flexibility.  Everyone welcome in my classes for folks of any age, gender, health, size, or ability.

Many folks interested in organizational trainings or life coaching would like to to find out how they or their organization can benefit from his coaching.  Contact Brant to arrange for a free consultation.


While MBSR, Mindful Yoga courses, workshops and various group trainings here are proven ways of helping folks enhance resilience, improve health, reduce stress, achieve life balance,  many people prefer to work one-on-one.  Brant’s Resilience & Life-Coaching will support you with personalized experiential learning as you lean toward your intentions in life; improving personal relationships, overcoming limitations, enhancing professional development, finding resilience in the face of life’s challenges, sensing your vitality, being more at home along your life’s path.

Yoga Hillsboro is host to a number of other professional, well-trained, highly-skilled, mature teachers who have a passion to serve and benefit others.  They hold their classes here many days each week; Nia with Laurie Bass, Yin Yoga with Carole Cotten-Figueiredo,  Mindful Bellydance with Malkiera and Recovery Yoga with John McGinnity.

Dozens of corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and groups have contracted with Brant to develop and deliver trainings that focus on the basic elements of workplace resilience, interpersonal communications, stress reduction and organizational effectiveness.