Brant’s Yoga Class Registration Essentials


Below I’ve outlined the details of registration for my courses and workshops.

For details about registration, tuition, etc. of the other teachers who offer their programs here see their page:  Other Teachers’ Programs.

If you have questions about or want to  register for my Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program click here.

If you have detailed questions about registering for my mindful yoga classes or workshops reach out to me: Contact Brant


* It’s informal and friendly here.  There are 2 ways to register for my Mindful Yoga classes: You can  1)  Register, book and pay for classes and workshops online:  Book Classes Online  2) You may  Contact me directly via this link and include the classes you’d like to attend and I will be back with you to help registration.

Don’t be concerned about which way to register.   I will work with you regardless.  I am here to support you as best I can.  Please don’t be too concerned about the details.  Let’s just find a way to support you.

          > WHAT TO PAY TO ATTEND MY MINDFULNESS-BASED  YOGA CLASSES (These are for online courses.  In-person classes when offered will be different than below)

* Drop in/start any time during the term:  No problem, many do: $10.

* 5-class pass for the current term:  $45.

* 10-Week Term Yoga Class Term Memberships (Current term only): 
 One class/week (10 classes) = $80. Two classes/week = $140 (20 classes). Unlimited classes/workshops/series (does not include MBSR)  = $175

* Otherwise, I will work with you to make classes affordable if you are in a time of difficulty; scholarships, payment plan, etc.  I am no big organization with a ‘means test policy.’  Just let me know what’s going on and let’s talk to see how we might be able to support your participation.  That’s the most important thing if you ask me.

* Clinics, Series, Workshops: Priced as noted in course descriptions.

* I want you to feel at ease and prepared for online classes this term.  Set up a place where you will practice with the appropriate props.  For Gentle Mindful Yoga have your yoga mat, at blanket or two, a strap or belt and a bolster or pillow. I recommend for Beginning and Intermediate classes to also have blocks for supported postures.  Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.  I will ask you to complete my standard student release

* Offering Your Support to Other Students: Some students show up with financial hardship limiting their attendance.  I offer what I can to support them as noted above; scholarship, discounts, payment plans.  If you would like to support a student just earmark a tuition check and I will pass that term pass along to someone in need.  Reach out to me with your questions about this:  Contact Brant.