There are four things to note about contacting me and registering for my trainings and classes.

  • Life Coaching,  Organizational Coaching & Trainings:  Please complete the contact form below with as much detail as you can and I will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your interest.  We can then arrange for a complementary Clarity Session to learn more about your intentions.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Mindfulness-based Open Door Training MB-ODT Preregistration:  The MBSR application process is very formal and you should review the details if you are interested in that training: MBSR.
  • Toward Healing Presence (THP) Preregistration:  The THP application process is somewhat formal and you should review the details if you are interested in that training: THP.
  • Mindfulness-Based Yoga Class Registration:  If you want more details about my Mindfulness-Based Yoga Classes or periodic workshop registration, costs, what to bring, etc.  read my Yoga Class Registration Essentials Page.  You can ask questions or simply tell me you’d like to be in one of my classes in the contact form below.  You can simply book classes right now:  Booking.
  • Contacting Me:  Complete the form below with your questions, concerns or to RSVP a class or training and I will be back you very soon.

Kind Regards  —  Brant

(Please Note – for teachers other than Brant: For details about other teachers’ class or program registration, tuition, etc. see their pages Other Programs.)





I will respond back soon.  I am glad for your interest in my courses and coaching.    Kind Regards – Brant

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