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For many years I have worked with a diversity of organizations and folks in an array of professions to develop and deliver coaching and training programs tailored to their unique goals and intentions; better interpersonal communication, leadership, health and wellbeing, stress reduction, enhanced teamwork.

My unique quality as a coach and trainer is to work with each group in a relevant and tailored way to find the elemental cultural qualities of balance, communication, and interpersonal relationships that move an organization forward in  its mission.  My work as a Peach Corps Volunteer, corporate employee from shift worker to executive, and a decade of government service provide a broad, empathic background for serving you and your organization.  Below is a sampling of my programs.  Contact me if you would like to learn more.



Girl Scout Leader’s Parent/Kid Retreat. Mindful Movement session for dozens of scouts and parents from the Southwest Washington region.  The retreat was in Mountaindale Oregon in January of 2023.



Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for high school teachers and staff.   On-site MBSR training at Southridge Highschool in Beaverton, Oregon in early 2023.


Toward Healing Presence:  An online  mindfulness-based 9-week training for Pacific University’s Health Professions College students, staff, faculty, and clinicians.  Created and delivered here and in session, February-April 2021.

Mindfulness at Work: City of Hillsboro Human Resources online training for employees during the first months of the COVID-19 lockdowns and Stay-at-Home instructions for employees in mid-2020.  Three one-hour weekly sessions for two dozen employees focussing on mindfulness practice for resilience and stress reduction.

Half-Day Mindfulness Training for Employee of Washington County Wellness Program, March 2020.  Employees mostly from the human resources division and sheriff’s office participated in the 3 hour training similar to those listed below for Multnomah County with an eye toward sheriff deputy training later in 2020 and 2021.  This possibility was interrupted by the COVID-19 limitation that emerged right after our first session everyone in our county.

Recovery Yoga Courses for Bridges to Change:  These are courses for men and women transforming their lives in the Bridges to Change residential programs in HIllsboro and Forest Grove.  John began teaching these in 2018 and during his absence during most of 2019 and early 2020 Brant taught until the COVID-19 lockdowns that continue and prohibit classes.


Washington Leadership Institute, University of Washington:  A mindfulness training for early and mid-career attorneys supporting their effectiveness in a challenging career.  Summer of 2018.

Law Firm Corporate Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training, MBRT;  Fierce Kindness. Training for staff and attorneys of a large regional law firm, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt ,  to support the company’s commitment to personal and cultural health and well-being, job effectiveness.  2014 – 2016 & 2019.


First Responder Mindfulness-Based Resilience Trainings,  MBRT for Firefighters, Police, 911-Dispatchers, EMT’s and other public service professionals in high-stress occupations were combined in the same training classrooms for these trainings.  Three trainings in 2014 and based on my program with police officers detailed below.  Hear their comments about the training in this YouTube video of MBRT alumni comments of first responders. Also, read about our research in this program in theJournal of Police and Criminal Psychology.  This continued with a National Institutes of Health Grant for Police Mindfulness-Based Training with my colleagues at Pacific University who designed the study.  I developed the training curriculum and provided in-class training for police officers in this 2-year study, 2015-2017. .


Resilience and Mindfulness Training Week in July of 2017 at Bend Fire & Rescue: A week of training introducing the basics of mindfulness practice.  The training was agency-wide for all firefighters, day staff, peer-support (critical incident team) and two sessions for family members attending 2-hour sessions. Read the complete report with survey/research findings: White Paper Summary: Bend Fire Department.

Trainee quotes: “There are many of us that have never been exposed to this kind of thinking and awareness.  This should be used in every aspect of life.”  “I liked that peers were opening up to one another.”  “Ego was left at the door.”

Mindfulness Training – Toward a Fierce Kindness at Work; 
for the staff of the  Aging, Disability & Veterans Services of Multnomah County.  These part-day trainings were designed to support them in their stress-filled jobs supporting the most vulnerable folks in the county. Trainings in both 2017 and 2018.   “Our team really enjoyed our time with you.” – Staff Member.


Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training; MBRT for Firefighters. Working with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R), a large regional agency.  I developed the curriculum specifically for firefighters and delivered three 8-Week MBST trainings in 2015, 2016 & 2017.  My colleagues at Pacific University supported TVF&R’s efforts to track clinical results of the training; stress levels, burnout, resilience, etc.  Review the clinical results and summary:   TVF&R Mindfulness Training White Paper 2017.

Mindful Movement & Stress Reduction:  Weekly one-hour classes and periodic themed trainings for Washington County employees. 2014 – 2018  Summary survey of participants experience.  Employee comments: “Overwhelmed by work but feeling much more productive after that session,”  “Cleared my mind of too much clutter! Able to relax enough to put tasks into.”


Mindfulness & Leadership – with a Fierce Kindness at Workfor the Leadership Club at Daimler Trucks North America. These were tailored 90-minute  trainings aimed to support leadership culture in the corporation: Fall 2017.


Mindfulness Training – Toward a Fierce Kindness at Workfor the employees at Genentec, Inc. Hillsboro Technical Operations campus in support of employee health and wellbeing in the Fall of 2017.  These one-hour presentations were part of a week of activities focussing on employee health and well-being.


An Organizational Mindfulness and Leadership Coaching Session in 2017;  Brief video clips:


Mindfulness Trainings for Physicians and Therapists.  Periodically (2009 through 2019) I offer short trainings for the physicians and therapists in my referral network to meet one another, learn more about and practice mindfulness in the manner I train participants in my MBSR and MBRT programs.  Completion certificate offered for those seeking CEU’s. Ongoing 2009 through current year.  Trainee Comments: “I found the skills I learned in the class to be very informative and helpful.  I didn’t know what I was getting into but I’m glad I signed!”  “It helped create an awareness, relaxation, as well as a way to work with a full plate.”

Mindfulness in the Workplace Trainings (Mindfulness at Work) for Multnomah County Government Employees: A half-day training I developed as a practical training to support learning long-term stress reduction,  job effectiveness, responsiveness to the public, cooperation with one another, enhance health and wellbeing via the practice of mindfulness. Started in 2014 through 2019.        Trainee Comments: “I learned to be more in tune with my co-workers and more attentive, really listening to others.”  “I really enjoyed this training. This was one of the most useful and enriching classes I’ve taken. The instructor was wonderful! I can use this at work and outside of work which will benefit all aspects of my life.” “The program and methods used were immediately beneficial and applicable. Skills that were learned are transferable to work, play and life.”    Participant evaluation results for Mindfulness in the Workplace in one of the trainings  at Multnomah County

Mindfulness Training – Toward a Fierce Kindness at Work; for the employees of Applied Materials.  This was a half-day training fashioned to encourage the spirit of collaboration in the company’s customer support team in their widely distributed work environment. 2017.

“I experienced increased focus, higher efficiency, lower stress, and greater fulfillment, among other benefits.  I remain convinced that a mindfulness practice can provide tremendous dividends to companies that are, like Schwabe, sufficiently open minded, willing to curate a positive corporate culture, and focused on long-term success.”  –  Training Participant

Mindfulness Training – Toward a Fierce Kindness at Work: for the staff of Washington County’s Harkins House Juvenal Shelter counselors and staff;  A half-day training to support them in their very challenging work supporting the children under their care.  2017.

In February of 2017 I provided the full staff at Inclusion, Inc, a support services organization that serves adults with developmental disabilities,  my half-day Toward a Fierce Kindness at Work mindfulness workplace training.

“I think it helped bring us together as a team.”staff participant. 2016.

Maritime Corporate Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT – Maritime): Training for corporate office and crews of the Alaska Tanker Company  to enhance safety, job effectiveness, health and well-being; 2014.  I fashioned an 8-week training for all corporate staff in their offices.  The tanker crews were offered a two-hour introductory mindfulness training at their annual meeting.

For the Child Welfare Staff, Oregon Department of Health and Human Services in Tillamook I provided a training to support them in the crucial work they do on their yearly Wellness Day with my  Toward a Fierce Kindness at Work mindfulness workplace training.  September, 2016.

Mindfuless-Based Resilience Training (MBRT- Law Enforcement) Hillsboro Police Department.   This is the initial work that was a foundation of the work described above and in cooperation with my colleagues at Pacific University and Hillsboro Police Department.   I developed and taught a comprehensive mindfulness training program for law enforcement officers.  Hillsboro Police in 2013 and 2014.  Below are some video interviews of first officers and staff who completed MBRT.  Read about the national magazine article summarizing this work.

Mindful Leadership Training for Multnomah County Executives: A program I developed for directors of departments in Multnomah County government to enhance attentiveness, cooperation and stress reduction in late 2013.  This was followed by the ongoing Mindfulness in the Workplace trainings described above.  Participant comments: “This training is so applicable to busy and overextended executives.”  “This was something that I could apply immediately in my work, with little effort. I can honestly say that I felt a difference for days after the training. Thank you.”  2013 

Oregon Women’s Health NetworkMindfulness, Resilience & The Power to GrowA shared presentation introducing the the Women’s Health Network to the benefits of the practice of mindfulness for personal, social, and community benefits.  May 15th, 2015

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Mindfulness & Resilience at WorkA training I develop to  introduce the agency’s leadership to the science, and workplace benefits of the practice of mindfulness.  April 29th, 2015

Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology Ph.D. student professional training 2013: I am currently affiliate faculty and taught MBSR as a component of first year training collaborating with my colleague Dr. Michael Christopher.

 Whitman College Staff and Faculty Mindfulness-Based Wellness Training: Working and Being Well Shoulder to Shoulder, September of 2012.

Participant comments: “It showed me ways to make everyday activities relaxation opportunities: it made stress-reduction something we can do all the time, and not something we have to make time for.”  “It helped me gain insight into what I’m feeling and thinking, and tools to help focus on one thing at a time.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 11.33.58 AM

Mindful, Adaptive Yoga Training, Bilingual (Spanish/English) at Blooming Nursery.
An on-site weekly course adapted to the needs and intentions of the folks who work at this wholesale nursery.


Tuality Healthcare Medical Education & Continuing Education Departments.  Continuing Medical Education (CME) course: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training for Healthcare Professionals. 2009. “I will change my practice by being a better listener at a deeper level for my patients.” Course participant: MD, Internal Medicine.

Hillsboro Online Academy after studentsvisit to Yoga Hillsboro in February, 2013:   Kristy Kottkey, educator notes “Teaching kids the practice of awareness and strength is something that is essential in helping them all find success in all areas of the curriculum and in life!  I wish every person had this opportunity and reminder of how to treat ourselves on a daily basis.”

Washington County Disaster Recovery Planning Conference.  Provided a talk and exercise entitled Maintaining Staff Resilience During Major Disaster.  The topic was how to recognize and manage stress for employees during a major disaster.  November 2011.

Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center:  Staff training course: Elements of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training for Mental Healthcare Professionals. 2009

Participant comments: “It was a treat to spend 3 hours in a quiet, calming place-and special to share this precious time with colleagues.” “I thought our experience was wonderful.” – Course participants.

Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center
Patient education: Keep Active/Keep Moving with Mindfulness and Yoga for Well-Being. 2009 & 2017. “Wonderful…Our patients are still talking about it. You are a credit to your practice and our community.” – Staff coordinator.

Alaska Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Annual Conference. Professional education course: Mindfulness in Therapy. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training for Healthcare Professionals. Anchorage, AK. 2009

Community Health Education Program, Tuality Healthcare
Over 200 patient, community, and staff education courses offered through this organization offered over 9 years: Moving Through Chronic Pain, The Sleep Well Class, Yoga for Women, Core Stability, Adaptive Yoga in a Chair, Yoga Therapy: Back Pain, Yoga for Stress Reduction, Yoga Therapy Pelvic Pain, The Nia Technique, Gentle Yoga, Beginning Yoga, dozens more. 2004-2013

Post Traumatic Stress & the Returning Veteran Conference.  Presentations: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and the Returning Veteran. 2009.

Participant comments:”Demonstrated not only extreme conscientiousness, but a remarkable effort to understand our organizational culture and the various sources of stress for our officers…did an outstanding job of introducing MBSR to a difficult audience.” – Police lieutenant and conference coordinator.


Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Patient education: Yoga for Wellness, 2009.

Community Action
Annual Staff Health and Wellness Training Conference: Yoga for Stress Reduction, The Nia Technique. 2007, 2008, 2009.

Beaverton City Library
Staff Training. Employee education: Mind and Body at Work; Stress Reduction Training. 2009. “Knowledge and passion for the subject are unsurpassed.” – Staff coordinator.

Intel Corporation
Employee education: Yoga & team stress management courses. 2006-2007.

Portland State University, Student Health Clinic
Clinic staff education: Introduction to Yoga for Better Health. 2007.



Research paper authored by my colleagues at Pacific University and me and based on the training program we developed for police officers; Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT), 2015.   Abstract in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.

Research paper authored by my colleagues at Pacific University and me and based on recent work in my clinic. Published in the journal Mindfulness, May 2014Distinguishing Mindful Process from Outcome in the Prediction of Global Health and Perceived Stress in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program

Half-day CEU seminar for social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and others.  Healing from the Inside Out: Police Occupational Stress, Mindfulness and Police-Community Relations.  With Lt. Richard Goerling.  Continuing Education Series, Cedar Hills Hospital, January 24, 2014.

Publication of a review/position paper about Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine coauthored by 15 local referring doctors, therapists, teachers and MBSR alumni in the Journal of Participatory Medicine 2013 – Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine: Context and Relevance.

Publication of a clinical research paper about the practice of mindfulness and self care in the Journal of Participatory Medicine 2013 –  Mindfulness, Self-Care and Participatory Medicine

The first of three papers about self-care and our clinical work with MBSR and the model of Participatory Medicine in the Journal of Participatory Medicine

Presentation about our local research in Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine with our teaching intern Zeynep Sunbay-Bilgen and Dr. Michael Christopher at the Annual Scientific Conference at UMass Medical School in 2012


Presentation about Teaching Yoga for Non-Yoga Teachers and Clinicians with Dr. Paul Salmon at the Annual Scientific Conference at UMass Medical School in 2012


Hillsboro Argus article in 2012 about our recent research regarding  MBSR and the model of  Participatory Medicine

The Clinical Applications of Mindful Yoga with Dr. Paul Salmon.  A professional training for clinicians in 2011. 

Law Enforcement and Mindfulness Training presentation about local initiatives in law enforcement mindfulness training with Lt Rich Goerling of the Hillsboro Police Department at the Annual Scientific Conference at UMass Medical School in 2010

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Introduction for Health Care Professionals, a CME (clinical medical education) course at Tuality Hospital, 2009.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 4.20.31 PM

Complementary Therapies for Chronic Pain Management: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the Continuing Education Interprofessional Series, Pain Management Options for Chronic Pain Disorders, at Pacific University’s College of Health Professionals, 2012

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction & Yoga for those in Mental Health Professions. Lecture for Pacific University School of Professional Psychology.  2011.   

Mindful Yoga as Therapy Article in the Forest Grove Times. 2012


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