Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR: Online

My traditional MBSR course, the one I have taught here for the past 15 years, has been adapted to the unique challenges and advantages of this online era.  It was devised for ease of access and relevance, availability and diversity of class-learning beyond the weekly MBSR sessions and support of long-term learning.  Please know that this course has far less of the drudgery of typical online classes and more attentive guided personal mindfulness practices which are far less stressful than most online learning.

Some History, Research & Clinical Results of Courses Here

You may want to read the review paper about my MBSR program and mindfulness in the Journal of Participatory Medicine coauthored by my colleagues, 15 local referring physicians, therapists, teachers and MBSR participants: Mindfulness in  Participatory Medicine Context and Relevance  Also, you may be interested in my clinical research paper in the same Journal: Mindfulness, Self-Care, & Participatory 
Medicine- A Community’s Clinical Evidence.  Here is a link to some video interviews with recent MBSR students and below you’ll find a YouTube video of comments by alumni of my trainings.

Below are the details of this training.  Use the Contact Form to advise Brant of your interests and ask any questions you may have.

Program General Structure:

  • An Orientation
  • An Instructor interview
  • An application
  • 22 hours of class time (2-3 hours one day per week for 8 weeks)
  • An all-day retreat.
  • Your commitment to do practice each day you are not in class during the Program: up to 45 minutes
  • Classroom learning and practice of:
    • Gentle mindful movement and adaptive yoga
    • Body scan meditation
    • Sitting meditation
    • Walking meditation
    • Mindful breathing practice
    • Group dialogue
    • Interpersonal learning

Course Requirements:

  • After reviewing the details of the course above and contacting the instructor if you wish, complete the online MBSR Application . Then. . .
  • Complete a brief conversation with Brant at some prearranged time. Reach out to him to arrange this.
  • You may want to attend this term’s free MBSR Orientation.  Book your place here.
  • This course will be many hours of class time (1-2 hours one day per week) for 8 weeks. Plus. . .
  • As part of your learning you are welcome to attend any of Brant’s  mindful yoga classesthe Shared Meditation Evenings, and  workshops.  These all come with your registration and are an additional, optional way of practicing and learning.  Details will be available after your registration.
  • There will be a free MBSR Orientation  for those interested in the course.  No obligation to register for MBSR.  Just good information and meet some nice people.
  • The full MBSR Course will begin the following Thursday at 6pm and will continue for 8 weeks until; 6 until about 8pm.
  • The 6th or 7th week there will be an Sunday silent retreat in place of the weekly Thursday class.  This will be arranged during our first two classes so we can work together to schedule the silent retreat.
  • Please make a commitment to do home practice each day you are not in class during the Program; up to 45 minutes.  Home practice is at the heart of learning in this course
  • Tuition is $290 and can be arranged as soon you you complete your application and visit with Brant, the instructor.
  • Also, you will be Brant’s guest at a subsequent in-person MBSR Silent Retreat once we are able to resume in-person classes.
  • Payment plans and scholarships can be arranged for those with limited means.  I will always find a way to admit you to class if you know this is, without-a-doubt, the right time. Contact Brant to discuss this.
  • There will be classroom learning and practice as described above.
  • The MBSR training is held online this term.  You will be provided a Zoom link for the full 8-week course once you have completed booking the course.

To enter the MBSR program you must  1) complete a brief conversation with the instructor. 2) Complete an online MBSR Application   3) after these you can arrange with the instructor for booking your reservation and payment of tuition.  He will reach out to you then.

Questions about MBSR? Contact Brant.  MBSR Orientations are very helpful though not required.