Each person who walks through these doors is unique.  Given that, I set aside the standardized,  goal-oriented approaches so common in courses, fitness centers, trainings, and life-coaching; those approaches that urge you to strive for some sort of goal or some better way of doing things.

Instead, I ask that you come as you are and explore your innate ability to be more at home with yourself and lean earnestly toward your life’s deepest intentions.  I invite you to  learn more about your earnest motivations as they become fuel for you to move forward in your own unique way.  I know that in doing so we are better able to experience our power to thrive, heal, stay well, and effectively embody our intentions.

While these classrooms host a variety of trainings, courses and workshops the intentions are always what I outline above and may include:

I look forward to working with you and the other teachers here echo that sentiment!  Contact me if you have further interest.

Kind Regards —  Brant Rogers


Some Commentary and a Small Gallery About Work Here

  People from every walk of life, profession, physical condition, and intention arrive here. Some come in wheelchairs or with walkers, some are accomplished athletes and marathon runners. Some are pregnant or bring new babies to class. Many have busy family lives and bring family members.


  Physicians and therapists send quite a few people here with challenges like: stress, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, MS, fibromyalgia and much more. Physicians and therapists often consult and attend courses here to learn more and to ease the stress of their demanding careers.




There are caregivers wanting a respite. Busy professionals find an island of calm in a busy schedule. You will find a home here regardless of physical condition, size, activity level or intentions. Our students are ordinary people like you and me.






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