Fall Term:  We begin on Monday, September 11th

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Workshops & Series for Fall
When ready you can  Book Onlineafter September 6th

TRANSFORMING FEAR & ANXIETY INTO JOY & EASE on Monday September 18th at 6pm    

This session leans in the direction of our incredible ability to face life the way it is regardless of our circumstances.  To allow a full heart toward whatever we are doing and experiencing right now; the dreadful, the delightful, behaving the way we think we shouldn’t, wanting what is not so good for us, longing for something ‘more,’ or otherwise.

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HAPPY HIPS SERIES  on Mondays October 2nd & 9th at 6pm    

To find full opening in the hips one has to find awareness and stability of the pelvis. If you keep the pelvis strong and stable, you will isolate the movements in the hip joint. This will lead to happier hips as well as happier low backs, knees and feet!

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YOUR PATH TOWARD SATISFYING SLEEP  on Monday October 23rd at 6pm    

Sleep is an elemental part of life that helps us process life experiences, recuperate, regenerate, and much more. The complexities are vast. This evening is less academic and more experiential and an invitation to your path forward.  Rich resources are provided.

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THE AMAZING POWER OF BREATH WORK  on Monday November 6th at 6pm    

Breath through your nose.  Make time each day and at night this week to notice if you are mouth breathing. This and other breathing behaviors contribute to many difficulties; poor sleep, apnea, mood disorders, ADHD, dental issues in childhood and beyond.  Let’s learn a bit more, practice a little and followup with the rich resources provided.

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My next MBSR program will be offered when there is interest.  I will reach out if there is interest this season.  (Contact Me, Brant, if you wish to consider MBSR and with any questions),