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There is a term break from August 29th through September 12th


A comprehensive program offered to those willing to plumb the depth and breadth of the contemplative, coaching, learning, and movement practices offered here.  All-in-one ‘open attendance’ program especially relevant to this era of earth-sharking change.

This will include any and  all of Brant’s courses this fall: MBSR, Breathing & Balancing Series, Workshops, Shared Meditation Evenings, Mindfulness-Based Yoga Courses.  Two coaching sessions will be included to help guide your learning.

The Thursday evening training starts on  Thursday, October 1st at 6pm. 


Come and share yoga practice in Hillsboro this September and beyond: Check the booking schedule or calendar for the current listing of sessions periodic evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays available during daylight and between other scheduled classes.  Free and informal sessions rather than formal classes because they will be on city park property.  Be sure to book and bring all props you need for safety and comfort.  

THE BREATHING SERIES: Mondays, Sept. 21st & 28th at 6pm

Practice wise awakening of breath in this dynamic and unique series.  Ignored as a source of health and well-being we will review and practice proven methods of breath work that thousands of year in practice as well as contemporary practice proven to be very helpful.


Mindfulness and contemplative practice shared Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through the 10 weeks of fall term; 9 – 9-30pm.  Online with Brant.  Book Now

MBSRALUMNI RETREAT: Thursday, September 17th at 6pm  

Share practice and mutual support with folks who have taken MBSR over these dozen years here. Online with Brant.  Book now.

THE BALANCING SERIES: Mondays, Oct. 19th & 26th at 6pm

Enhance balance in daily life with innovating and proven in-class practices and home practice in this series. Book now.

COMPASSION, LOVE & BEAUTY:  Leaning into Your Life’s Relationships this Way

Make time this Saturday afternoon, November 7th at 4pm, to remember your way forward toward an appreciation of beauty (no glamour), Love and compassion. Online with Brant.  Book Here

MINDFUL NOURISHMENT:  Finding Your Own Way Forward

Let’s review modes of self-care that invite us to nourish and hydrate ourselves less as some sort of diet but more cultivating a foundation that sparks our intuitive sense of listening to our body’s feedback about how we are nourishing and now that might be improved. Online with Brant.  Saturday, November 21st at 4pm.  Book Here


Kristin’s Fully Alive Nutrition courses – Online.

For details contact Kristin’s website

Yin Yoga with Carole – Online

For details contact Carole.

Yoga and Nia with Laurie – Online

For details visit Laurie’s website

Mindful Bellydance with Malkiera – Online

Sunday and Wednesday classes this summer.  For details visit Malkiera’s website.

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