Schedule & Calendar

Calendar for online classes is now updated.

Note:  There is a spring break from Saturday, March 14th through Saturday March 28th.  THESE CLASSES DURING SPRING TERM BELOW WILL BE ONLINE  They can now be Booked Online

The Thursday evening training starts on  Thursday, April 16th at 6pm.  Details

Shared Meditation EveningsOnline

Mindfulness and contemplative practice shared every evening of the week through the 10 weeks of spring term.  Sunday through Monday; 9 – 9-15pm.

Transforming Fear & Anxiety into Joy & Ease – Online

Let’s transform difficulties and point them toward
something helpful.  Sat. April 4; 4-6pm. RSVP

Aging with Grace: Generous Regard, Nourishing Movement, Loving Presence, Acknowledging Wisdom.  An early evening retreat on Saturday, April 25th; 4-6:30pm Online

Share this gentle early evening enquiring about, practicing, and embodying the path of aging with Grace.  With Brant

Resilience, Restoration & Mindful Movement: Caring
for Ourselves and Others in Uncertain Times.

An open and creative way to meet uncertanty with openness and courage. On Sundays; 9am or on Wednesdays; 7:30pm  Online

MBSR Alumni Retreat on Saturday, May 9th at 4pm  Online

Share practice and mutual support with folks who have taken MBSR over these dozen years here.

Kristin’s Fully Alive Nutrition courses will be online this spring.  Register at this link:  Registration.

Restorative Yoga & Massage Workshop

with Carole and Teresa;. Date TBA. For details contact Carole.

Mindful Bellydance with Malkiera – Online

Every Other Sun. – Starts March 29; 9:30-10:30am