On a Term Break until June 20th and all courses will be posted and can be booked online now

MINDFULNESS-BASED OPEN-DOOR TRAINING (MB-ODT):        Comprehensive and unique offering for our times 

This will be an invitation for you to lean into a practice with personal guidance and  a breadth of learning modes.  It will be based on many years of teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) here, the elements of contemplative practices of many traditions, and straightforward guidance for personal practice.  MB-ODT will include MBSR and other learning materials developed here.   This has been developed for our post-acute COVID times of online/personal learning as well as the challenges we face individually, in families, in our professions, in society at large.. It will include an Orientation session on Thursday, June 23rd at 6pm, a  personal clarity orientation (Contact Me, Brant, soon to schedule that), an ‘open door to all of my courses workshops listed here, and a private mindfulness-based life coaching session with me.   Begins anytime you wish this summer so you attend courses with an ‘open door’ all term (Book Here ).


Inviting deep relation, restoration, and healing.   Audio recording by Brant included.   Book Here when posted

MEETING & WORKING WITH LIFE’S CHAOS & DIFFICULTIES:        A contemplative path forward in knowing joy, as a practice;                                              Online & In-Person; Thurs June 30, July 7 & 14 at 6pm 

This will be a new theme for mindfulness and contemplative practice here.   Outlining a framework for the reasons and benefits of practice, a practical way forward, an acknowledgement of the difficulties and deep benefits of practice.   Book Here when posted

NECK & SHOULDERS MINDFULNESS-BASED WORKSHOP; Online Saturdays, July 2 & 9 at 2pm

Bring presence to your way of self-care and compassion for this region of your body that often highjacks a busy life.   Learning materials included.   Book Here when posted


Bring presence to your way of self-care and compassion for greater strength, balance and stability; body, mind & heart.   Learning materials included.   Book Here when posted

DIE YOUNG AS LATE AS POSSIBLE: Evidence-based ways of enhancing the quality of our lives while we are here;  Online Thursday, July 28 & Aug 4th at 6pm

We will review and encourage the often overlooked simple, straight-forward practices and ways of living that have substantial  research and eons of tradition acknowleddging their value in encouraging joy, presence, and vitality over the arc of life, especially in our later years. Learning materials provided.    Book Here when posted

YOUR DEATH-PLAYBOOK, PART ONE: Leaving with Grace for yourself and those you love. Online Thursday, August 18 at 6pm

Learn to navigate the path through living while practicing with a compassionate consideration of your inward life as you consider the immense challenges you and your loved ones will meet when it is time to leave.   An embodied introduction encouraging a contemplative path forward as well as considerations of practical element outlined.  Learning materials provided.  A series that will unfold further through the fall to keep us engaged and moving forward along this immense path.  Book Here when posted.

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