Welcoming You to a Summer of Transformation

Dear Folks;  I am so very glad to invite you to this summer’s transformation.  In so very many ways we are transitioning life from the lockdowns and diverse difficulties of the past year and a half.  While, I think, all of us long for things to be back to ‘normal’ I am quite sure that the new normal will be very different than our past ways of living.

With the changes in health status, employment, relationships, and so much more we’ll rely on inward stability, an inner stance that softens our tendency to react and invites appropriate response.

This can come with the practices and learning we have shared here over nearly two decades; Mindfulness-Based Yoga classes, workshops focussing on well-being (breathing, balance, gratitude, grieving, adaptive yoga, etc.), custom-tailored trainings (police officers, firefighters, corporations, universities, governments, etc.), contemplative practice (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Shared Meditation Evenings, etc.).

You were kind enough to share your experience of this over many years here in this recent post about what we long for.

This summer there will be much more to share and learn in new ways.  While there will be many of our usual weekly online classes, we will practice together in-person in nature frequently with mindfulness-based yoga and meditation & contemplation sessions.  There will be some workshops and series  you’ve requested alongside some new ones:  Being a Force of Nature series,  Workin/Workout series and the Progressive Relaxation series.   We’ll also make time for a gathering outdoors this summer for an all-student gathering/picnic with time share with one another nourishment, play, and conversation.

Another benefit I have added to your passes and membership booking is to give you access to a growing library of yoga teaching videos like the ones that we use in our line sessions.  You’ll see the list once you’d booked for the term.

Keep up-to-date with all of this by visiting the Schedule and Calendar pages.  They list everything.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This summer I will ask that you register for each and every class of your weekly course or workshop via the Booking Page.  That way the diversity of these summer courses can be managed directly by you and I will not need to try to manage such a diverse selection of offerings.

I look forward to working and sharing with you all this summer!  —  Brant