Work in & Work Out Series, July 1st & 8th : Finding energy, vitality, and clarity with a simple, daily 9-minute practice.

July 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Yoga HIllsboro
Brant Rogers
503 640-6006

We tend to divide our attention for health and well-being into the need to ‘work out’ in some way or in some way offer ourselves an inward practice of yoga, meditation or contemplation.  Let’s bring all that together in a simple practice that you could weave easily into daily life encouraging your fullness of strength, flexibility, clarity, and breath.  We’ll bring together the experience of presence; heart, mind and body.  Perhaps a bit of joy will glimmer as you practice.  Perhaps that will grow to influence your personal experience of daily life in some positive way.

What we will share was inspired by Dr. Zach Bush’s 4-minute Workout and perhaps the more validating research on short-interval trainings like this though more pointed toward weaving such body work with mindfulness/attentive presence, breathing practice, and biomechanics more diverse than that research of Dr. Bush’s sequence.

Here is a brief video invitation to such a practice.

Let’s weave these together in a natural way that can be incorporated into our work day or busy schedule.  We will learn about the positive consequences of this simple, at-home or at-office practice and then practice together.

You will be provided a link to the custom-made video of this 9-minute practice for your home practice online with Brant.  

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