Offering a places in my upcoming MBSR course for COVID Long Haulers

Dear Folks;  If you or someone you know/love is facing the consequences of COVID Long Haul difficulties  I am holding spaces for a few folks to attend my spring MBSR course as my guests, tuition-free.

Today on NPR’s Science Friday I heard the very poignant stories of folks who are suffering the mysterious and often very difficult neurological symptoms that linger for long periods after a COVID inflection.  I even have family members and students who describe these experiences themselves.  One of the elements of the story was a physician and researcher who noted that stress is often a trigger for these. symptoms.

Note the word cloud above that is from comments of folks who completed the winter MBSR course here.  Perhaps those words will offer a path forward.

My hope is that an MBSR course will help those coping with this stress-trigger.  If you or someone you know sense that this would be helpful I am glad to offer a place in my spring MBSR course starting on Thursday, April 15th.

Reach out if you have questions.

Kindest Regards. —  Brant