BEING A FORCE OF NATURE: Three Thursday evenings of acknowledging & remembering our inherited vitality though simple practices; heart, mind & body

June 24, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Online course
Brant Rogers

This is an ideal series for MBSR alumni who long to continue and enrich personal practice.  Also, for those just beginning an enquiry into a contemplative practice that opens doors to life’s possibilities, this will be appropriate and very accessible.

Learn about and practice ways of waking your unique abilities as we meet the challenges and joys of this era of transformation after this past year and a half.     Scholars, researchers, mystics, sages and everyday people over eons have
shared practices that evoke an inner stance that invites the foundational vitality in us to emerge more generously as we find our unique path in life; heart, mind and body.

This is a course that asks you to participate with your whole heart.  To lean into class time, personal practice, and earnest enquiry.  That whole-heartedness is the foundation for opening the door to remembering the grace, power, and vitality that lives below the surface of our many draining distractions.

This series will invited each of us to explore our unique possibilities for awaking inner life as the foundation for our path forward.  There will be learning about the evidence that points us to capacities most of us have never considered possible in the realms of contemplative/meditative practices, modes of physical exploration, how we nourish ourselves, breathing practices.  This series will be far less about following some orthodoxy and very much about listening, learning, and exploring these realms in our own unique way.

There will be assigned home-practice and study between our sessions with resources provided; readings, podcasts, videos, invitations to attend other classes online and in-person here this summer.  During our sessions we will practice and confer with one another about what and how we are learning.

The underlying purpose here is to awaken our own unique capacities to meet the challenges and joys of this era of immense transformation personally, with family, in community with friends/coworkers, and globally.  A tall order yet all we need is here in our lives and this will be an invitation to point life in that direction.

Online at 6pm on Three Thursdays, June 24th, July 15th, August 5th. Book Each Individual Thursday Class Here