Aging with Grace; Generous Regard, Nourishing Movement, Loving Presence, Acknowledging Wisdom – Online

May 8, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Online. Link will be provided on registraiton
Brant Rogers
503 640-6006

This will be an early evening of practice, enquiry, and encouragement as we savor spring.

Let’s ponder and practice with the elements of aging with grace even though our society focuses on youth while turning away for aging as some sort of pathology.

“Time makes us old.  Eternity keeps us young.”  – Meister Eckhart

There are countless ways to encourage the wealth of our years as they pass.  There are doors opening to opportunity and there are ways to care for ourselves that keep those doors inviting us to grow and mature in unimaginable ways.  The poet David Whyte shared a lovely quote in one of his talks about aging, “Youth is living with a perspective of imminent surprise at any age.”

Take the word of 96-year old, Phyllis, about yoga practice in this Youtube video as she shares her practice with folks on a talk show.

Though folks in their later years will appreciate this session people of any age are welcome to attend.

Here is what we’ll share with one another:

  • Gentle, appropriate, adapted movement practice.
  • Relevant and practical contemplative practice.
  • Some of the literature and poetry that reflects the immense value and wisdom of aging.
  • Encouraging one another along the path of graceful aging.

I hope to see you here!  Contact me for more information.  —  Brant

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