Transforming Fear and Anxiety into Joy & Ease – Online

April 4, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Let’s practice ways to transform the difficulties we sense and point them toward something helpful to ourselves and others; progressive relaxation, gentle bread work, mindful movement designed to calm the tensions, and encouragement.  You will be provided a link to supportive recordings of progressive relaxation and contemplative practices.

Perhaps we can recognize that the tremendous distractions and stress of our current social, economic, and healthcare situation can be recognized as elements of how much we care and can usher a perspective of gratitude and acceptance that slows things down to the heart’s internal pace.  My dear friend and colleague Paul Salmon shared that with me in a conversation this morning.  He also mentioned the meditation teacher, Jack Kornfield’s, perspective that may be helpful to consider in his quote:

“If you want to live a life of balance, try this: Turn off the news for awhile, meditate, walk through the forest or the mountains and begin to make yourself a zone of peace. Let go of the latest story. Listen more deeply. When we react to insecurity with fear we worsen the problem – we create a frightened society. Instead we can use courage and compassion to respond camly with a fearless heart.”     Jack Kornfield

Consider this sort of perspective in Gordon Viggiano’s experience of meeting devastating illness and the blessings that showed up.  On Youtube:  My brain has a hole in it.

Perhaps spend time in an ‘act of love and sanity’ as suggested in a recent post:  Radical Acts of Love & Sanity.

We will consider all this and practice with one another on Saturday April 4; 4-6pm.  Registration is limited to 15 folks to preserve a sense of safe yet kind social distancing.   RSVP ONLY  $20.

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