Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy – Book Review & Invitation to Learn More

My dear friend and long-time colleague, Dr. Paul Salmon, recent published a seminal book for those in his field of psychotherapy: Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy.  So much of therapy tends to be from the neck up and Paul, a clinical psychologist, researcher, university instructor, athlete, exercise physiologist, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor brings together heart, mind and body in this superb and ground-breaking work fashioned to help psychologists, therapists, physicians and other clinicians.

I met Paul a number of years ago at one of the annual scientific conferences for MBSR researchers and instructors.  Since then we have co-taught course at conferences as well as co-taught here and talked weekly about the themes of his research, clinical work, teaching, and my work here with students in many different settings; my classrooms and organizations around the region.

I will review Paul’s book further over the months ahead and post my comments here.

Perhaps you’ll be interested in the online course, Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy, we are assembling for this spring term.  Details, time, date and other details soon.

Kind Regards  —  Brant