Radical Acts of Love & Sanity

Dear Folks;  My teacher, Jon Kabat-Zinn, on a number of occasions and in his writings has talked about the quality of open and attentive presence as a ‘radical act of sanity’ in a fairly insane world.  I think that is so very true today as global and personal health, economics, and relationships strain in so many ways.

I had the distinct privilege yesterday to spend part of the day at the Hoyt Arboretum near the zoo where there were so many people sharing the trails and open air.  Families, friends, pets less concerned about COVID-19, politics or the stock market and able to share the ‘radical act of love and sanity’ of simply being attentive and present to the experiences of one another and nature’s gifts;  fresh air, bright colors, sounds, fragrances, even snow!

In these challenging times let’s continue to lean toward these acts of love and sanity the ways we can.  Perhaps in classes here this spring, outdoors shared with loved ones, safe and well cared for venues of learning and sharing, home with those dear to you. One workshop which will emphasize this will be the Transforming Fear & Anxiety into Joy & Ease in early April.  Let’s continue to support ourselves and one another generously in the face of these challenges.