MEETING & WORKING WITH LIFE’S CHAOS & DIFFICULTIES: Thursdays at 6pm starting June 30th. online

Noting the words offered by students above in a simple survey asking what they experience in courses here let’s find a contemplative path forward in knowing joy, as a practice; Online; Thurs June 30, July 7 & 14 at 6pm.

This will be a new theme for mindfulness and contemplative practice here. Outlining a framework for the reasons and benefits of practice, a practical way forward, an acknowledgement of the difficulties and deep benefits of practice.

Especially in this era of so many unknowns while finding our way back from a pandemic there are still the challenges of daily life.  We can work with anything that arises.  Let’s explore this path in this series.

There will be learning materials and references for you in this unique series.  Modes of helpful home practice will be offered each week.  Class time will be practice, reflection, and encouragement.

I look forward to working with you  —  Brant

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