The Balanced Warrior Men’s Retreat: Strength, Compassion, Clarity

January 20, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

So much of masculinity is confusing in our current era.  There are so many expectations for men to be fierce competitors.  To master themselves, their professions, and their environment.  Yet, especially in this millennial world of #MeToo and other social trends, an out-of-control version of those male expectations has given masculinity a patina of darkness, of one-sided adolescent behavior.

There is balance to be found and has been part of the personal growth of men always.  The ancient fable Iron John speaks of this path of growth toward balance from childhood to manhood.  Robert Bly’s book of the same name stimulated a vibrant men’s movement in the 80′ and 90′.   Today such work continues and has evolved and grown over the decades and recently summarized in the New York Times article The New Iron Johns.

Let’s share some of the path of Iron John and the new, relevant version of that journey.  We’ll share a balanced experience of manhood with practices and a perspective  you can continue as a practice day-to-day: acknowledgement of virtues of masculinity,  nonviolent communication, breath work, masculinity meeting compassion,  clarity of purpose, restoration & resiliience, emotional & physical strength. 

Sun. Jan. 20th; 9am-12:30pm. $50 With Brant.  There is limited space so RSVP