Coaching and Trainings for Organizations Over the Years



Dear Folks;  A number of years ago I began to get requests from organizations to provide mindfulness-based trainings and coaching sessions,  I have worked with a diversity of organizations and many professions since then to develop and deliver coaching and training programs tailored to their unique goals and intentions; better interpersonal communication, leadership, health and wellbeing, stress reduction, enhanced teamwork.

My unique quality as a coach and trainer is to work with each group in a relevant and tailored way to find the elemental qualities of balance, communication, and interpersonal relationships that move an organization toward it mission.

It seems like my work as a Peach Corps Volunteer, corporate work from shift worker to executive, and decode of government service have all provided a broad, empathic background for serving you.  Below is a sampling of my programs.  Contact me if you would like to learn more.