Listening at the Shores of the Great Silence, On the Brink of Everything

I awoke this morning to the lyrics of one of my beloved artists, Carrie Newcomer.  Tearfully thankful she put words to such wisdom.  Her recent song, On the Brink of Everything (Youtube video & Lyrics below),  seems to echo so much of what becomes more evident with the passing years, with the kind disciple of contemplative practice, across years of teaching, and with timeless wisdom that seems to be shared by folks across time and many cultures.  Antonio Machado, the great Spanish poet of the last century spoke of this same thing in his timeless poem, Last Night as I was Sleeping, especially the last stanzas that speak of listening at the “Edge of the Great Silence.”

I couldn’t help but share these with you .  My hope is that they will be nourishing perspective during this turbulent time in our nation’s, our world’s history, and perhaps in your personal life.  It’s my invitation for us to find our way to settle a little more thoroughly and kindly on this ‘edge’ and the ‘brink’ of life’s rich offerings; both joyful and challenging.

Practices shared here in my classrooms are ways toward that, though I am sure, you will find your own ways.  Follow your heart as I recently have been sharing in my MBSR students midway through their training, “There is no right way, there is your way.”

On a more personal note and for those of you who are my students, the lyrics of Carrie Newcomer’s On the Brink of Everything capture the heart of the motivation of teaching and coaching for me.  In one stanza she writes “I never sang ’cause I know something, I sang because it’s a prayer.  The finest one that i could bear.”

Dear folks, I hope you sense that same spirit about what I offer.  I will echo her sentiment to clarify the heart of what I intend.

“I never taught because I knew something, I taught because it’s a prayer.  The finest one that i can bear.”

Kindest Regards  —  Brant

Carrie’s On the Brink of Everything via YouTube: