Welcoming as a Way of Meeting the World

Dear Folks;  One morning recently I was taken by the urge to share, write and speak about welcoming.  It was a new day, one I was thankful for.  Not that the day had done anything in particular to earn that thankfulness.  I was simply thankful for the opportunity to be alive, to drink in the elements of the experience of being alive.

Perhaps it was a morning of living and sensing life’s precious and beautiful essentials and offering them back to the world as Carrie Newcomer describes in her lovely song Bare to the Bone;  “What we do in love and kindness is all we ever leave behind.”

Likewise the morning may have been an experience of vulnerability.  Powerful vulnerability toward the beautiful and difficult elements of life as Brene Brown describes in her TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability.

Perhaps it could be called a moment of Grace as David Brooks describes in a recent podcast interview: moments of clarity, openness, appreciation that hit us once in a while.  And then as he describes, we long to be worthy of those moments of Grace by living with them side-by-side and even guided by them.  

As I let the morning open to welcoming, the meditation below emerged.  I hope you are encouraged.  So often we encounter the fears, disappointments, and traumas and clinch inward as we hold back from welcoming.   Perhaps this will encourage you and find you welcoming yourself and others a bit more today.

Welcome Meditation