Supporting My Brother’s Journey from Near Death to Recovery

With my unexpected move I thought you might want to learn more about my journey south to live in Eugene.  And with a few photos!  The primary encouragement was to continue to support my brother, Kim, since his devastating illness during December of 2021.   We haven’t been close at all for five decades though with his collapse it was my place to help him through.  No-one remains in our immediate family but him and me.

Fading nearly to pass away after some weeks in the hospital near Eugene and beginning a Hospice process Kim had a NDE and began to recover rapidly in the weeks after Christmas.

Nearly two months later he was healing slow and steady; capable of entering a skilled nursing facility. He did so in the Eugene area.  Continuing to recover there with lots of medical treatment and therapy he improved slowly.  All the while more thankful for being alive and for the care he was given.  A joyful sense even after losing his very active and physical life.

After half a year in skilled nursing he was able to transfer to an assisted living facility near Eugene where he continues to live comfortably though with mobility limits.  Still with a profound sense of the appreciation for life and often reflecting on his NDE as the major turning point in his life to an ongoing sense of gratitude and to joy of living each day even with these limitations.

Beyond this I will be supporting my dear cousin Eric who has been so supportive of Kim and me during the past year.  I will be helping him build a new, unique dwelling with the folks at Cedar Stone  and refurbish an older house on the same property in south Eugene near Amazon Park for at least a year.  Perhaps I will settle there or come back ‘home’ to Hillsboro near so many I love!

This whole adventure is hand-in-hand with practice in the way I, we, have shared for nearly twenty years here.  Let’s continue to practice.

Much Love  —  Brant