Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) this Fall Starting Thursday, September 29th, Online at 6pm

Dear Folks;  The fall MBSR course begins in on September 29th at 6pm and continues for 8 weeks.

You are welcome to book the free Orientation Thursday, the 22nd at 6pm to learn more and meet some of the nice folks in this fall’s course.

 MBSR is an extremely effective way of learning to care for ourselves by moderating the those sharp edges of stress. It has a large library of research proving its effectiveness.  This online version  preserves that effectiveness using todays tools appropriately.  Review the details of the course here:  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) page.  There will be a link to the online MBSR Application on that page.

Set aside concerns about tuition if you have been laid off, impacted by illness, or having trouble with funding. Just reach out to me and we’ll make this work for you; scholarships, payments over time, discounts.

With your registration you’ll be included in my other online classes and workshops if you wish with no additional tuition: See the Schedule.  This is a good way to engage frequent practice during the course.

Reach out if I can answer questions.

Kind Regards  —  Brant