Mindfulness-Based Yoga Practice in Nature: Various times this spring and summer

Let’s meet outdoors and practice meeting the open air, outdoor sounds, open sky, and perhaps let our feet feel the earth’s surface for a change.  Help plan what, when and how for these sessions by completing this Planning Questionnaire.

These sessions are with no tuition offered to those who can bring a yoga mat and necessary props to be safe and well aligned on the lawn in an open setting. You may contribute something via the booking system if you wish; a class pass or membership of some sort. Nothing required.  Just show up and share as you wish!  Please book so you are registered so I can anticipate the size of our group.

All levels of practice are welcome though you must (you must!) modify your
movements to be safe for your physical situation.

The size of our practices will be guided by county and parks guidelines that are in flux and I ask that everyone stay 10 feet from their neighbor.  Use a mask, and practice social distancing according to state health guidelines at the time of class in any way you can as you travel and arrive for our informal session.

These will be periodic depending on weather and my schedule and usually at a local park like Bagley Park.  I will send out a noticed at least three days before class.

Book here once an announcement for a class is made via email to students