Many thanks for shaping Spring Term with your thoughtful comments! We begin March 29th.

Dear Folks;  What a joy it has been to read your feedback and to shape the classes for spring just as the flowers bloom and the sun becomes warmer.

I listened to your comments and desires for classes and have assembled a host of workshops, series and modified our weekly. class schedule.  Here is the overview:  Link to Spring Schedule.

Here is what you all provided:

While most of the booking memberships and passes you book online are the same,  look for these new elements when you book your classes:

  1. There is an All Class Pass for spring which used to be the 30-class pass and now it’s the pass for everything; classes, workshops, shared meditation session, course series.  Just sign up for one or all!
  2. Because so many of you attend together on one Zoom session/screen I’ve created the One-Screen Add-On Membership: For family members and friends so you can attend together more economically.  Your added dear ones pay less than half the tuition.
  3. This has always been the case but I want to say it here to make sure you know.  I will always work with you to modify tuition if there is economic hardship; payments, reductions, scholarships, etc.  Often dear students offer a complementary pass that I pass on and I, likewise, do so.  Let’s just work together!

Here are special some classes, series, and workshops for spring that you asked for!

Much Love. —  Brant