How to Book Classes Here Online

Dear Folks;  The desktop booking process for classes here is now set up with a reliable and simple to use booking service.  Booking this way  is straight forward though I wanted to give you a look to help a bit as you begin.  After you’ve registered for booking this will be a very friendly process each time you want to book a class.

Below is the general sequence of booking and then paying for your classes online via PayPal or credit card.  Once registered you may want to use the booking services ‘Momoyoga’ phone or tablet app.  Available at the App Store or Google Play.

Short of all this if you need to register in a different way or more directly please  contact me and register via email or phone  to make that happen in a way that supports you best.  I do prefer that you register online but I’m here to support you as best I can.

  1. On each of the calendar descriptions of my classes, workshops and series you will se a link to Book Online.  You can find that link also  under my website’s Contact and Registration tab.  Once you open the Book Online page you will see a page that looks like the one below with classes and Book now buttons near the list of classes.
  2. Click the Book now button for the first class you want to book and you will land on a page that asks you to register for booking and it looks like this below. It will ask you if you are already a registered booking member or if you want to register with the booking service.  You’ll only have register once for all your subsequent online booking here.  Just enter your first and last name and email address which are necessary and then, only if you wish, fill in more details.  Then click on Register. –
  3. Once you’ve clicked the Register button you’ll receive an email to verify your registration and instruct you to add a password to your account and then to be able to book and pay for your classes. Once registered you can then choose a class to book and you’ll see a screen that looks something like this so you can book your class.
  4. Log in with your email address and password to be able to book the class.  And you’ll come to a confirmation page for your booking.   During your registration you’ll be given options for paying for the class via PayPal or credit card.  Just follow this instructions.
  5. If you want to manage your classes and payments click the upper right hand menu button, My Schedule, and you’ll go to a page that allows you to see and manage all your registered classes and passes or memberships.
  6. From that screen you can cancel classes and choose which passes and memberships you want to purchase, etc.  Each pass and membership gives you access to specific courses as described in your registration process.I hope  this has been helpful!  If you become lost in there reach out to me and I can help sort things out from this side.  Kind Regards  —  Brant