Student Experience: “

I always had plans to start yoga, but didn’t get around to it until I became pregnant.  Signing up for class was on of the first things I did for my son.  I started last September.  I was worried I wouldn’t always go to class because I was tired, or because I had too much work to do, but the opposite was true.  Instead of collapsing into sleep on the couch after work, I could actually make dinner, plan lessons and talk to my husband if I went to yoga .

I resisted changing.  I was pregnant, not ill or weak.  I wanted to work and live and do yoga without modifications. But there was a being growing inside of me, altering my shape, shifting my organs, changing my chemistry.  Yoga helped me to explore and embrace, what my son and I were becoming.  There are many ways to be strong.

Breathing into different parts of my body became especially important to me as we grew.  I talked to my son and myself with my breath.  This became our labor.”  Archive Newsletter 2006.