Q&A with a Nutritionist

June 5, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Meet Kristin and get a chance to ask your nutrition questions! This class happens on the first Friday of every month and is always FREE 🙂

Class will be held online via zoom. You don’t need an account to participate! The link to participate will be provided with your registration confirmation.

Some potential questions that may be asked or discussed:
What is the best diet to follow?
I’ve heard a lot about nutrition, but I don’t know where to start.
What is chronic inflammation and should I be concerned about it?
What is the low-FODMAP diet?
What about fat? Is it good for me?
Do I need to be counting calories?
How do my nutritional needs change as I get older?
What is personalized nutrition?
I recently read about ____. Is it true?

Please note that this is a public class – all attendees will be able to participate in asking questions and hearing responses. Please keep your questions general – I cannot give personalized nutrition advice without knowing your full health history and in this public forum I want to insure your privacy is protected.
For example, instead of asking:

“I have diabetes and high blood pressure and my doctor told me I should ____, so would eating ____ mean I could stop taking my medication?”

You could ask:

“What foods are helpful in lowering blood pressure?”  or “Can fasting help balance blood sugar?”

Link to register:  https://p.bttr.to/2XGGKgs

If you would like personalized nutrition support and coaching,individual appointments are available.

Kristin Kinnie, MS, MSW
Fully Alive Nutrition


FREE.  For more information and to register:  contact Kristin Kinnie MScN, MSW at Fully Alive Nutrition,  fullyalivenutrition.kk@gmail.com, or 971 770-3400.  More details and – Book Now