Early Era Music Evening Concert Here at Yoga Hillsboro FREE & RSVP Only

2013_Los_Grillos_FaireintheGrove_02        Heather and Tony Peterson and friends share early era music, beautiful costumes and unique era instruments with others in our area.  Here to share with us at Yoga Hillsboro.   Saturday, July 20th 6 – 8pm. FREE & RSVP Only

From Tony and Heather Peterson, Yoga to Hillsboro students: ”We’re really happy to have a chance to share our love of Medieval and Renaissance music with our friends at Yoga Hillsboro. We’re part of a six-person “early music” group in which we have great fun both singing and playing music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance (hence “early music”) on an array of historical instruments.  We have whimsical  crumhorns (German for “bent horn”) which look like a set of umbrella handles and sound like geese; their elegant cousins, the cornamusen (that’s plural for cornamuse, don’t ask me why), which sound like Nordstrom geese; a rackett (yes, spelled correctly, yes, it makes a racket like a goose);  lovely and bird-like recorders; a dulcian (which name actually means sweet and it is, not a quack at all); a cornetto (“the zink,” one of a great family with members worm, zink, serpent and anaconda, no anaconda in our group, that would be deadly); drums and riqq (an Egyptian tambourine). And, we do actually sing above all this quacking and tweeting. Making music is wonderfully social, cooperative and active but healing and soothing at the same time, not unlike our yoga. We look forward to sharing this with all of you at the studio!” – Tony & Heather