Application for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training

Please review this entire application if you decide to apply for the course complete the application form below. 

The instructor will answer all of your questions at an MBSR Orientation Session, at your interview, or via phone, email, or via this Contact Form

Program Structure:

  • An Orientation 
  • Instructor interview
  • The application process
  • 22 hours of class time (2-3 hours one day per week for 8 weeks) 
  • An all-day retreat.
  • Your commitment to do practice each day you are not in class during the Program: up to 45 minutes
  • You will be welcomed to attend any of  Brant’s Mindfulness-Based Yoga classes, the Shared Meditation Evenings and certain workshops if you wish and as part of your weekly home practice.  No added tuition for this.
  • Classroom learning and practice of:
    • Gentle mindful movement and adaptive yoga
    • Body scan meditation
    • Sitting meditation
    • Walking meditation
    • Mindful breathing practice
    • Group dialogue
    • Interpersonal learning

Course Requirements:

  • Commit to attendance and completion of home practice.
  • Interview with an MBSR instructor.
  • Complete and submit the application. 
  • Pay tuition or arranging a payment plan with the instructor.
  • If you are currently in treatment for some condition that may affect your ability to participate in this Program consult with your doctor or psychotherapist to get their referral for MBSR prior to the course.
    • have them provide their written or direct referral to the MBSR instructor.
    • give your doctor or psychotherapist permission to talk with your MBSR instructor in order to support you appropriately.

Who can attend the Program:

  • I welcome anyone willing to become collaborators in their own health to apply to enter this course.  The MBSR instructor will work with you to determine the right time and right way to attend a course.
  • People from many walks of life who understand the aims, limitations, and commitments of the course are welcome to apply.  People come to MBSR courses for diversity of reasons and with many lifestyles.  They may be  triathletes or frail and on crutches or in wheelchairs.  They may work in a busy office or may be raising children.  Folks may enter this course during periods of grieving or life transition.  Others come because they are curious about mindfulness practice.   People enter this course for many reasons and with many ways of living. 
  • It may be appropriate for some in active medical or psychiatric treatment to delay MBSR training at this time.  If it seems appropriate to the MBSR instructor the final decisions about when an applicant can attend an MBSR course is subject to the teacher’s consultations with the student, and a written referral from their doctor, psychotherapist or other healthcare provider.  This is often needed for folks with active substance abuse issues, acute psychiatric diagnoses, or acute medical problems.  Let’s have that conversation if you wish. The MBSR instructor is neither a physician nor a psychotherapist.  He/she is a teacher and cannot/will not pursue any diagnosis or treatment regimen.  That is always the territory of the patient’s relationship with their healthcare provider.

How to attend:

  • If this term is online you’ll be provided with a link to the Zoom sessions for MBSR this term. 
  • I will invite you to set up your space for practice at home with appropriate props; chairs, blankets, cushions, and other props to help you find an appropriate level of safety and comfort.
  • You will be sitting for periods on cushions on the floor or in a chair. You will be standing, walking, or laying on the floor in a way that will accommodate your physical limitations. Attend sessions wearing comfortable clothing that will accommodate these activities for your physical abilities.
  • With your registration you’ll be included an online yoga classes of your choice as well as the Shared Meditation Evenings and certain workshops if you wish as a way of doing home practice.  Also, you wil be my guest at a subsequent All Day MBSR Retreat.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the information above and the general elements of MBSR  please review the informed consent paragraph below and if appropriate complete the applicant form and submit.

Informed Consent:  Please thoroughly review this before submitting your application.

Before competing the MBSR Application Form below thoroughly review the risks and benefits of the MBSR course as outlined above and in your communications as well as at the Orientation with the MBSR instructor.  The course includes skill training in relaxation and meditation methods as well as gentle stretching (yoga) exercises. During the course you will be asked to practice these appropriate to your abilities only. You understand that if for any reason you are unable to, or think it unwise to engage in these techniques and exercises either during the weekly sessions or at home, you are under no obligation to engage in these techniques nor will you hold Yoga Hillsboro and the Stress Reduction Clinic or the instructors liable for any injuries incurred from these exercises.  You will always be  invited to ask questions and opt in or opt out of any activities in the MBSR course.  This course is designed to help you learn these skills appropriately and to never to push beyond your capabilities.  This course is in no way a substitute for medical care or psychotherapy. If it was appropriate for medical or psychotherapeutic reasons as listed above you have consulted with your physician and/or therapist about you ability to participate in this program.  You have obtained their agreement to enter the program and their willingness to support you as appropriate for the duration of the course. You have provided the MBSR teacher with all relevant information about my medical and psychotherapeutic care and asked your healthcare provider to send a referral if appropriate..

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Application Form

The fields with red stars * are required.  The others are recommended and will help the instructor and you enter the course with a better sense  of understand and commitment.

If you have read and understand the course information above and have read and agree that the Informed Consent paragraph above is an accurate reflection of your intentions and commitments then you may complete and submit the MBSR application form below.  If you have any reservations whatsoever you are welcome to contact the instructor:  Contact

Once you have completed this MBSR Application and visited with the instructor you will be provided a link to register  and pay for the course.

Reach out to the instructor with any question whatsoever so as to help you understand the application process and to support you in your intentions for this course:  Contact