Yoga Ascends Even with Government Budget Sequestration & Airport Delays

100_4364  (Brant attempting to fly?)

Among the effects of the federal government’s budget sequestration are looming delays at airports.  Some air traffic controllers will be furloughed so air traffic may be a bit stymied.

Never fear.  Airports are setting up yoga rooms.  Oh my.  I first heard of the San Francisco Airports new yoga room from a student a few weeks ago.  (See the AP YouTube story)  Next there was the Burlington Vermont Airport’s yoga room (Read Lisa Rathke’s AP story).  Now even in conservative Texas the Dallas airport is making space for traveling yogis on gate D40 (See KTUU’s news story).

Shortly after 9/11 Mare suggested that she and I go to the Portland Airport to offer yoga classes for folks stuck during that terrible time for travelers.  Perhaps she had a intuition for what was to come.

Glad for this practical dimension practice to be visible and now available at airports.  Perhaps next there will be a yoga room available for the members of congress to help them get off the treadmill of confrontation and work with one another and our president toward a more functional government and get past the budget sequestration.