John McGinity; Recovery Yoga


      My yoga path was initiated by and parallels my recovery journey. After a year and half of not drinking, I felt my life lacking in serenity. I sought a richer, happier, more engaged sobriety. In yoga and meditation, I began to understand how my thoughts influence my emotions and well-being. Using yoga and breathing techniques, I discovered I could reduce my stress, and be happier and more fulfilled.

Alcohol misuse can cause physical, emotional and spiritual damage to bodies and minds. I believe recovery is an ongoing process of awareness, acceptance, personal change, and healing. Yoga is a technique for developing awareness and acceptance, and a tool for creating positive change and healing. In my experience, when used together with other supportive recovery therapies, yoga can help repair the physical damage of addiction and improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years, sober for over 18 years, and am currently completing yoga certification training. As a teacher and a coach for over 35 years, I believe all individuals in recovery want to succeed, and that the self-awareness learned from meditation, breathing techniques and yoga can help establish and maintain a confident and positive sobriety.