Sharing Our Final Day in the Yoga Hillsboro Classrooms; Honoring you with comments, photos, and practice.

Dear Folks;  You may have been following over the past couple of months as we moved toward letting go of the lease here and opening doors to new ways of sharing the art and science of mindfulness practices and yoga practice; online, local venues for in-person classes (eventually!), mindfulness-based life coaching, tailored trainings for organizations, and much more.

As I reflected in this video and during a long meditation and yoga practice during that last day on the 31st of January hundreds of memories of thousands of connections with students here flooded my heart and mind.  All with such a rich sense of gratitude for the privilege to sharing in so many diverse ways over these years.

Lots of change here in these classrooms yet so much remained constant; willingness to risk learning or better said – remembering – our incredible inherent capabilities for health and well-being, cultivating  interest and curiosity, softening the sharper edges of life’s stressors, being willing to care for ourselves as a way of caring for others, and so many other dimensions of the power of an embodied and compassionate presence.

People have arrived here from every continent, many countries, many states, towns around Oregon and Washington and of course from our lovely town Hillsboro.   Many professions and passions; law enforcement officers, cheerleading, folks wanting to learn to teach, firefighters, attorneys, folks with chronic illness, and so much more!

Many folks talked about their experiences on video!


Heck, HIllsboro thought we did a good job in 2018!


There is so much more.  Let’s ponder, remember and share over the years ahead.

Much Love. —  Brant