A Place for Family & Friends to Learn, Move, 
and Share Joy: Yoga Hillsboro




Over these many years (now 14 – Oh my!) I have been privileged to share so many lovely experiences with students who came to class with dear friends, spouses, children, parents, grandparents, cousins, neighbors, workmates, and many others close to them.  I believe it is the nature of learning here that invites folks to bring loved ones with them to share their experiences.  To feel safe about moving generously and playfully exploring the direct experiences of life with one another.



Shared joy seems to erupt often here in class without need for any striving or ‘doing yoga the right way;‘ laughter, playful commentary, smiles are common.  I will tell new students, “There is only one requirement” and often their eyes get a bit big because yoga in many health clubs and studios can be a bit serious. “The only requirement is to have a least one moment of fun.” I smile, those nearby smile, they smile and voilà, a moment of fun!  Mission accomplished.  Now just enjoy the class.





This is a place where acceptance, appreciation and openness toward oneself and those nearby is continually invited.  Playfulness, interest, and trust emerge and then we learn together.  And that learning can be transformative as we just get to know ourselves and those near us with a kindness and honesty woven into the moments.



Sometimes in yoga class we partner-up (no requirement if folks don’t want too, just to watch is OK!) to help each other align and engage postures and movements that are ‘outside the box‘ of our more typical and habitual ways of holding our bodies.  This will often be a very delightful and surprising exploration in the sharing with one another.

I’ve included a few snapshots of folks here sharing the learning; mother and daughter, daughter and father, husband and wife, workmates, class mates.



By-the-way the spring Schedule/Newsletter is now posted online!  Lots of new and interesting classes and programs: Printable Newsletter for Spring 2018 with Schedule

In Kindness and Thankfulness for You  —  Brant