Our Paper about Mindfulness, MBSR, and Participatory Medicine with Many of Us Local Coauthors is Now Published

BrantRogers    Dear Students:  I am so honored, humbled and pleased to announce that our review/position paper about mindfulness in medicine and therapy has been recently published in the Journal of Participatory MedicineMindfulness in Participatory Medicine: 
Context & Relevance.   (here is a  downloadable copy of the paper  if you wish to print or save a copy.)

There are 15 of us local authors; doctors, teachers, therapists, and MBSR participants who worked to find a way to express a mutual understanding of how the practice of mindfulness as learned in the MBSR program was helpful for our patients and/or ourselves.

This paper, along with the basic clinical research paper about our work here to be published in a couple of weeks, makes a significant contribution to how medicine and therapy can be effective as a mutual, cooperative activity; part of a way of life that promotes healing and helps keep us well.  Doctors, therapists, psychologists, teachers, alternative practitioners and patients working together and supporting one another in the art and science of healing.  Mindfulness as a fundamental principle of this.

My sincere thanks to the authors and to everyone in our larger community as we support one another in these ways.  Kindest Regards – Brant