Online Classes After 3 Weeks: Surprising comments and experiences of students.

Dear Folks;  As you know there has always been a generous willingness to meet you where you are in my courses, workshops and coaching.  This term has been no exception though the changes in modes of teaching and booking classes is revolutionary and, as you know, is now all online.  Many dozens of you continue booking and attending classes.  I feel blessed with your presence and commitment.  

You may also know that I listen deeply to you.  I just sent out a week-3 survey to students who have been attending class this term to learn how to improve and acknowledge what works. Here is what I learned from dozens of folks who responded:

  • 95% were satisfied to very satisfied with their experience
  • All suggestions for improvement are being implemented as best I can; sound quality, breakout group improvements, video enhancements, etc.)


You have my commitment to continue to support you all in the best ways possible.  Especially now as our lives and society are transforming.  Reach out when I can support you further.    Brant

Below are some of the dozens of surprising comments and experiences folks offered:

  • Thanks for all you do. Your class always brightens my days.
  • Even in silence, it’s just so good to connect with others in the mindful container class provides.
  • The classes help to break up the day with self care, both mental and physical during these difficult times.
  • There is a feeling of community in the live classes, and scheduled sessions help to keep a focus on caring for ourselves that can be lost in worry and busyness.
  • Thank you for all your work to make the courses so accessible and in keeping us connected.
  • The noon-time class really helps me reset my day and my week! Not having the 30-40-minute driving time means this mindful yoga time is much more within my day, and that has been interesting.
  • It’s been a wonderful way to connect with others and keep my yoga practice going. A huge encouragement during this time of separation.
  • I appreciate that these classes are available to us during this time, even though we have to adapt to a different way of doing our classes.
  • Having something to show up for, a place to be at a certain time has given order to my days, structure to otherwise endless activity of a busy house. I am gaining fitness and strength as well.
  • I’m surprised, although I needn’t be, how therapeutic the virtual class is. Good connection and practice makes for a great day.
  • Now more than ever it is important to be mindful and gentle with ourselves. These classes are a brief respite from the grim news that bombards us daily.
  • Community is essential for us now— belonging to any group is essential for our wellbeing and sense of humanity. This is a delightful and healing way to do that!
  • Great to have the consistent accountability of the evening daily meditation class
  • I really enjoy the opportunity to sign on wherever I am where I can get a good internet connection. I have family around the NW and I know that when I make travel plans 
  • It’s just a good way to stay connected with Brant and fellow students and to be reminded that we’re all in the same boat and doing our best.
  • I’m currently in the evening meditation class. I find I am able to clear the chatter, which allows me to be more mindful as I determine my next steps. The poems that are shared are timely and profoundly impactful.
  • It’s a way to turn away from the din of the news cycle, and the feeling of physical confinement, by attending to the interior landscape.
  • I’ve found that the classes help me focus on being in the moment.
  • In the presence of your own home, you can experience a lovely hour of movement and meditative practice that nourishes both your body and spirit. This is the best thing to do for those you love, including yourself!
  • Love online classes with Brant. Excellent to be in your home & join others as a group. Easy to use technology.
  • It’s a wonderful lifeline to my friends in the yoga class. It’s great to see someone, talk to them at the beginning and end of class, and a joyous constant to see Brant each week.
  • The evening meditation sessions are a good way to bring perspective and peace into the close of the day.
  • Helps to provide a focus in these strange times. Meditation evenings are a perfect way to let go of the day’s thoughts, worries and challenges, and center myself before sleep.
  • Brant’s directed Mindful Yoga at home provides the same clear step-by-step instructions that we get in his studio. We get to work in the comfort of our own home and also have the opportunity to briefly interact with our fellow students both before and after class.
  • I did not expect this, but it turns out I focus in a little better when doing the yoga class at home. I finish class feeling relaxed and energized.
  • It’s good to stay connected with my class mates, do yoga with Brant and be able to keep some semblance of normalcy in this chaotic world.
  • Thank you thank you thank you 🙂
  • I’m very grateful we’ve been able to adapt to the challenges of our current situation and offer classes online. I took my first class last week and I felt great after.
  • I miss seeing all the other students in my class but there is something very calming about doing the class in my own family room.
  • You have done a wonderful job helping us all translation to this new technology and on-line community!
  • The extra intimacy of seeing our peers at home is a plus–and we get to see the yoga assistance animals occasionally make an appearance!
  • I prefer the zoom classes to in studio classes! Much better than I had hoped for! I do wish you would find some better resting music.
  •  It’s the difference between sanity and anxiety for me right now.
  • Definitely a great way to learn and grow in stressful and uncertain times.
  • During these extraordinary times, the online classes are a lifeline through which we know that we are all in this together. The opportunity to see and interact with others is a blessing. 
  • At the start of the first week my energy was scattered. By the end of the week despite many uncertainties and turbulence I felt peaceful acceptance and moments of stillness. I attribute much of this sense of calm to Shared Meditation Evenings each night at 9pm. Heartfelt gratitude ❤️
  • It gives me a deliberate time to pause and focus on something other than the COVID situation, to breathe, to know it’s possible to find the center again.
  • The weekly yoga class  is a great way to release anxiety and tension, especially in the present circumstances. 
  • A scheduled quiet time to focus on something other than world troubles.
  • This way of bringing 75 minutes of community to my week is an important lifeline.
  • It’s a refuge into a place of gentle motion and self-care.