October Meditation Vigil; Meeting Social Change with Courage


Supporting ourselves and one another these mornings to make a positive difference as society changes so much; elections, social media, rapid changes near and far.   More Details

Both Sunday and Wednesday Mornings, 7-8am,  throughout October.  Just show up.

There is no tuition for this.  Freely offered, though only if you sense it would be helpful and appropriate, offer something;  consider contributing something in some kind way (effort, funding, material) toward helping you and others meet the difficult changes in our society – a worthy charity, friend, acquaintance, or cause sometime this month.  Something that speaks to your larger and compassionate intentions to participate and be a contribution to a changing world.

My bias is that such an offering of something toward a cause that is bigger than you, that addresses your sense of a larger purpose, is very helpful in one’s life and always helpful in making a difference in that cause.