10th Year Anniversary Celebration at Yoga Hillsboro “Where Our Lives Meet” – May 10th


10 Year Anniversary Poster to Pass Along to Family, Friends, Neighbors


The doors open at 4pm with Pipe Major Robin Scott’s invocation.  Upstairs student gallery opens thereafter and at 5pm student recitals begin in the downstairs student stage.  We go home at 8:30.  Casual, saunter, visit, make yourself at home.  This is your place.  Come and go through the evening.  Good restaurants nearby.  Our lives meet here. Bring fiends and family. Enjoy!

Many thousands of you dear folks have come through these doors over the past decade. Come and join everyone and learn more about how our live’s meet here. Learn more about the passionate interests of your fellow students:  the music some create and offer others to help celebrate life, beautiful hand-made creations that share beauty, heart-felt poetry, exquisite photography, Navajo-style rug weaving from shearing, spinning, dying, weaving, learn about the creation of local wines, see unique plants for your garden.  Much more!  Your passion and interests on display or to share as well?  Let Brant know and he will help you set up to share.


– Unique Door Prizes!  100 Door Prizes in the upstairs gallery! From Let’s Play Toys, Artful Garden, Marie Pielage PT,  Primrose and Tumbleweeds, Sue FernaldBlooming Junction Nursery, Hillsboro Pharmacy,  Summa Real Estate, Printing Solutions, Manaia Cafe, Hill Florist, New Hillsboro location for Five Star Guitar, Hillsboro First Community Credit UnionJoAnn Boatwright, Pete Suttner, Teresa Shelton, Stone Art  & much more.


Pipe Major Robin Scott will begin the festivities at 4pm outside with a bagpipe invocation. Learn about the bagpipe and the fascinating culture of this music from this world renown Pipe Major.



– 5pm Guitar Recital – with student AndrewBishop

Gwenn & Andrew 2014<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Yuen Lui Studio

– 6pm Violin Recital – With student Juliana Matragrano



– 7pm The early era music group Los Grillos, with some long-time students Tony and Heather, will perform, 7pm – 8pm with time to visit afterwards to visit and look over their hand-made early era music.


Long-time student JoAnn Boatwright’s exquisite photography: regional beauty and details of domestic life

paris tomatoes 2 copy    Parisian Tomatoes


windsor roofs copy    Roofs from Windsor Station


– Beautiful Jewelry – Beadwork by student Teresa Shelton

Debbie's Earrings-4    5_Little Bit of Sunshine

– Poetry about Yoga and Mindfulness.  Student Laura Sawyer shares her heart with her words:  Laura’s Poems

– Teacher Sue Fernald’s Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

014   061

– The Creative Edge of Fashion.  Student Tammy Ball will bring some exquisite examples of her beautiful purses and perhaps some of her clothing creations.  A sampling:



– Student Bill Pressly’s Handmade Unique Warre’ Bee Hives (no bees!) – sometimes called in French, “ruche popular” or  “The Peoples’ Hive”


– Student Pete Suttner’s beautiful black and white photography

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.55.41 AM     Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.55.03 AM

– Beautiful Plants on Display from student Grace’s amazing nursery Blooming Junction

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 8.16.04 AM     Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 8.15.26 AM

– Navaho Style Rugs from shearing to weaving student John will display and visit with you in the upstairs studio gallery.


– Photos by Adrianne Galvez


– Photos of Brant as a young whipper snapper yoga teacher:

AltitudeWithStudent  Vasis

– Out front see a vintage drag race car that long-time student Lori will talk about and bring one!


– Downstairs there will be a “History Wall” of articles about and by Yoga Hillsboro and The Stress Reduction Clinic.



Police Officer Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training: Trends in Our Research & Presenting at Scientific Conference in 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 9.37.21 AM    Earlier this year our Mindfulness-Based Resilience Program was featured in a national magazine (see post).  Since then we have been sorting through the research data we have collected. Preliminary results show significant improvements in a number of health and job performance related areas. Here is a summary of our preliminary results in graphical form: HPD Resilience Testing Trends Summer 2013.  Also, followup results in 2014 after three trainings: Graphic Comparisons; pre- and post- health status MBRT training.

We have been invited to present our findings and host an all-day workshop for law enforcement officers at the International Scientific Conference at UMass Medical School in April, 2014.  I am humbled to be working with HIllsboro Police and  Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology on this important initiative.  We continue these trainings in 2014.  —  Brant

Special Holiday Early Era Music Concert with Los Grillos: Friday, December 13th, 6-7:30pm

2013_Los_Grillos_FaireintheGrove_02   Los Grillos are will be here again and this time they will offer traditional holiday early era music.  Their wonderful concert this Fall received rave reviews from those who attended.  See the YouTube video of some of their music played here.  Invite the family and please RSVP so we have enough room set up for you all.   See the calendar event also and save to your calendar.  Kind Regards  —  Brant

New Yoga Hillsboro & The Stress Reduction Clinic Resource Book in Print Again

YHRB     Our Resource Book is in print again.  We’ve rewritten a few pages and added some new appendices.  The intention of this resource book is to support students in their learning here.  110 pages, dozens of photos, illustrations, our way of sharing mindful movement toward supporting you as you remember your capacity to care for yourself and others.  Hope you like it!  $25 here or $30 postage and handling included.

Yoga Hillsboro Resource Book Sample Pages

Students Share What They Love, Saturday October 12th, 6-8pm RSVP

Sheila pic      Our students are remarkable people.  They offer their talents and passions in many beautiful ways.  Over the years they have sometimes shared the details of what they Love. I invite them here to share with other students. Thankfully they are willing to show up!  Again this Fall you’ll meet some of them and learn about what they Love.  DETAILS

Sheila Frye-Matragrano (above) is a writer, poet and long-time MBSR and yoga student here (often with husband and daughter!).   “The Legacy of Chaos” in Sawmill Magazine is her most recent short story.  Sheila will read another of her pieces “The Colorgiver” in the 1.2 issue of The Looseleaf Tea Journal. Thank you Sheila!

photo    John in my Tuesday 5:30pm class captured our interest with a picture of his beautiful wool weaving.  Even raising the sheep, shearing, spinning and dying the wool it seems.  He noted “I would love to share what I know as a novice Navajo style weaver sometime during the evening.” Of course and thank you so much John. I can’t wait to see and learn more.


Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 3.48.04 PM    Glenn and Sheryl in my Wednesday 7pm class often talk about the events in the sky: meteor showers, planets visible easily, International Space Station, eclipses.  They pay attention from home through their telescopes.  Hear and see some remarkable stories about the heavens available to you and me from our back yards.  Look over a telescope. Glen and Sheryl pictured from a trip to Kah-Nee-Ta with the Rose City Astronomer Club and a picture of Glenn’s 152mm refractor.

Mike in my Wednesday morning class was describing his amazing encounters with Osprey, Eagle, and Heron and other beautiful creatures while kayaking in local river landscapes.  Come and see more and hear about Mike’s dedicated travels locally. Mike’s kayak pictured here.

IMG_2445 nehalem bay copy

Hope to see you here!  RSVP

Kind Regards  —  Brant


Our Mindfulness-Based Resilience Program for Hillsboro Police in National Magazine

Mindful Magazine, a major national magazine, is devoted to making practice of mindfulness of relevant and understandable to our daily lives.  The current issue features the work Brant has done with Lt. Richard Goerling and the Hillsboro Police Department over the past number of years.  See our background post a couple of months ago.  Highlighted in the Mindfulness-Based Resilience program taught here this Spring and continuing over the months and years ahead. Profiles and pictures of many of the officers including Lt. Goerling, Chief Ron Louie and officers from the K-9 unit, and many others are included in the article.  You can obtain the magazine at Powell’s, New Seasons or Whole Foods while they last.  Of course you can subscribe to this fine magazine.

I am personally honored and thankful that the Hillsboro Police Department has stepped forward as leaders to show law enforcement officers locally and around the country that mindfulness practice is relevant and helpful in their very challenging way of life.  We are fortunate to live here with such courageous folks supporting us in Hillsboro. —  Brant


Early Era Music Evening Concert Here at Yoga Hillsboro FREE & RSVP Only

2013_Los_Grillos_FaireintheGrove_02        Heather and Tony Peterson and friends share early era music, beautiful costumes and unique era instruments with others in our area.  Here to share with us at Yoga Hillsboro.   Saturday, July 20th 6 – 8pm. FREE & RSVP Only

From Tony and Heather Peterson, Yoga to Hillsboro students: ”We’re really happy to have a chance to share our love of Medieval and Renaissance music with our friends at Yoga Hillsboro. We’re part of a six-person “early music” group in which we have great fun both singing and playing music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance (hence “early music”) on an array of historical instruments.  We have whimsical  crumhorns (German for “bent horn”) which look like a set of umbrella handles and sound like geese; their elegant cousins, the cornamusen (that’s plural for cornamuse, don’t ask me why), which sound like Nordstrom geese; a rackett (yes, spelled correctly, yes, it makes a racket like a goose);  lovely and bird-like recorders; a dulcian (which name actually means sweet and it is, not a quack at all); a cornetto (“the zink,” one of a great family with members worm, zink, serpent and anaconda, no anaconda in our group, that would be deadly); drums and riqq (an Egyptian tambourine). And, we do actually sing above all this quacking and tweeting. Making music is wonderfully social, cooperative and active but healing and soothing at the same time, not unlike our yoga. We look forward to sharing this with all of you at the studio!” – Tony & Heather



   IMG_0669 - Version 2    Brant with Grace Dinsdale on opening day at  Blooming Junction 

Our students are remarkable people.  They offer their talents and passions in many beautiful ways.  Over the years they have sometimes shared the details of what they Love.  This Summer you can learn more about them.


Grace Dinsdale and the folks at her remarkable nursery have opened a new venue for sharing their incredible selection of landscape plants, produce, supplies, and more – their new retail location, Blooming Junction, on Zion Church Road in Cornelius.  I had the honor of being the first customer there on opening day.

Landscape architects, landscapers, and gardeners like you and me will see first hand the product of a great love of plants, hard work, and an immense talent for nurturing them along in order to pass them on to us.

First Warrior - Version 2  Students practice warrior pose, pose de guerrero in one of Brant’s weekly on-stie classes at Blooming Nursery.

Grace, Delfina, Kip, Juan Louise, Miguel, Arturo, Ascencion, Michael, Delfina, Mathilde, Marivel, Rob, Veronica and many others there have been my students for years with on-site mindful yoga classes at their main nursery on Wednesdays.  I think their practice has helped them work well together to make Blooming Junction a distinctive and beautiful place.

Visit soon! You’ll love it. (www.bloomingjunction.com)  —  Brant


Hillsboro Police Department’s Mindfulness-Based Resilience Program Begins Here

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.09.13 AM

Lt. Rich Goerling, Dr Michael Christopher, and I have been working to develop a program for mindfulness and officer wellness for about six years.  I have had the honor to work with Rich and the Hillsboro Police during that time on a number of brief trainings and presentations: Post Traumatic Stress & Returning Veterans Conference, a presentation at the International Scientific Conference at UMass Medical School, and more.

I will begin teaching the full 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Resilience Program here in our classrooms.   The training is aimed at long-term officer wellness and more effective service to our community.  It is based on my experience teaching the MBSR program, my work over the years with Lt Rich Goerling of HPD, and my on-going collaboration with my friend and colleague Dr. Rob Smith who teaches physician resiliency and MBSR.  This is to my knowledge the first police department in North America to begin training of their force with this sort of program.   The US Marine Corps has recently implemented this sort of program and the Army has also begun these trainings.  My hats off to HPD for showing leadership and for caring enough about their officers and community to step forward with this.  Read more in a Hillsboro Tribune article about Lt Goerling and the Resilience Program.  Officer Wellness Article.  Also, a recent national magazine article in Mindful Magazine.

Here’s to HPD!    Brant

Mindfulness Research Here Being Published and Presented


My research papers are listed at the  U.S National Library of Medicine.

You may recall our recent post about the review/position paper coauthored by 15 of us local health care providers, teachers, and MBSR alumni.  The research we did here as a follow up to that review is now published in the Journal of Participatory MedicineMindfulness, Self-Care, & Participatory 
Medicine: A Community’s Clinical Evidence. (See the graphical summaries on the last pages if numbers, correlation matrices and ANOVA tables bore you!)

The paper catalogues and provides analysis of the clinical evidence we have found here in our programs for the long-term benefits of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program: physical and mental health, levels of self-care, stress-levels, continuity of mindfulness/yoga practice, health care provider observations of patients who took MBSR.  My friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Christopher, with the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University here in Hillsboro helped with the research and authorship of the paper.  He and I have been invited to present our findings at the Annual International Scientific Conference at University of Massachusetts Medical School near Boston on Friday, April 19th. Reprint of Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine Conference 2013  My MBSR teaching intern, Zeynep Sunbay-Bilgen, helped with the research and paper as well. Our review and position paper about mindfulness in medicine was also recently published:  Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine.

Another paper based on research in my clinic published in 2012 detailed the relationship between self-care and mindfulness: Examining a Proactive Self-Care Index in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program.   In mid-2014 I helped author another paper in the journal Mindfulness about the relationship between global health, stress levels and mindfulness.

The program I developed here in cooperation with Dr. Christopher and Lt Richard Goerling of Hillsboro Police, the Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training, has been described in our recent research article in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.

Many heart-felt thanks to the many MBSR participants in my programs who were willing to complete the testing and cooperate with followup surveys in this research.  This will make a huge difference in peoples’ lives as we continue to support folks in our community learning to take care of themselves, be healthier, and stronger in the effective and basic ways learned in our courses here.

Kindest Regards – Brant