Mindfulness-Based Yoga Classes: Summer online movement classes, series and themed-workshops start June 22nd

Dear Folks;   You’ll find my mindfulness-based yoga classes most days of the week starting next week.  Here is a link to the full list:  Summer Schedule.  Also, you can book and pay for any class online directly:  Booking Calendar

You’ll find a variety of courses for folks of every level of physical activity; gentle, beginning and intermediate.  Also, there will be workshops that are designed to be helpful for the difficulties of modern life;  Neck & Shoulder Stability, Low Back and Core Stability, and others.

I will post soon about the many creative and contemplative workshops and mindfulness courses this summer.  There are all listed on the Summer Schedule..

There is also a series of free Mindfulness-Based Yoga Classes in Nature offered a number of days this summer in green spaces around Hillsboro.  Check the calendar for all of the days and times and then book in the  Booking Calendar.

I hope to see you here soon.  Reach out of I can support you.

Kindest Regards  —  Brant