Mindful Yoga Practice; Nourishing Our Universal Hunger for Generous Movement . . . Our Children Haven’t Yet Forgotten

It has become more and more apparent to me over many years of teaching that we hunger for movement.  Our bodies are made to move in generous and robust ways yet modern life has us live mostly above the neck ignoring how famished we have become for generous, nourishing motion.  Our practice can be helpful here.

Movement is nourishment for this body.  There is an innate longing to move.  Just as we hunger for protein, water, and vitamins our bodies hunger for movement.  And just as each of us can find an optimal diet that satisfies and keeps us healthy, we can move our bodies in ways that enhance our unique path toward optimal health and well-being.

Our children have fewer layers of numbness to their bodies and more easily find a path toward the joy of nourishing movement. They are more eager to simply explore the experience of life in motion.  During a recent visit with my children and grandchildren I had the lovely experience of waking early one morning to find a yoga mat in the living room and began a simple yoga practice.

Right away my 3-year old granddauther flew into the room and set up a yoga mat to began practicing with me.  The one-year old was mystified and perched nearby to watch and try a few of the apparently joyful movements as you can see in the photos.

Students in my mindful yoga classes will often ask how they can practice at home.  More than not I ask them to watch and learn from the children nearby.  How they continually move, explore, feel, and learn with playful interest during the experience of movement.  That is the heart of yoga practice I invite you toward in my classes. Let’s be playful, explore, and nourish this heart, mind and body.   As a helpful practice let’s remember what has been forgotten in the blizzard of unneeded adult distraction that leaves us hungry for the nourishment of simple, attentive, generous, and appropriately adapted movement.

Much Love  —  Brant