Mindful Grieving: Meditations on the Blessings of Loss in Relationship

rosajpgLoss is part of life.  I am sure we all know this.  Grieving comes with that loss and over time the recognition that we wouldn’t grieve if there wasn’t something beautiful, comforting, or valuable missing; our loved one, our health, the job we loved, or otherwise.

Mindful Grieving: Meditations on the Blessing of Loss in Relationship is a collection of meditations that emerged for me during a period of profound loss. As they arrived and I wrote them down there was a certainty that they were meant to be passed along as support for those who travel the terrain of such loss.

This collection includes Traci Manley’s lovely watercolor and tattoo images of the flora that weave their way through the meaning of these meditations. An invitation to scribe your pondering and reflections is offered on each page.

Read a few pages: Mindful Grieving Sample Pages.