Joy, Vitality & Aging: Die Young as Late as Possible. Two Thursdays starting July 28 at 6pm

Dear Folks;  Become familiar with and be invited to consider simple, effective ways of enhancing the quality of you life along your path; Online Thursday, July  28 & Aug 4th at 6pm.

The word cloud above is a compilation of expressions many dozens of folks offered in a survey to describe their experience of some of these ways of learning and practicing with life as learned here; movement, contemplation, nourishment, self-care, relationships, and more.

We will review the often overlooked straight-forward practices and modes of living that have substantial recent research and eons of tradition acknowledging their to offer a path of joy, presence, vitality, and longevity.

Definitive research, readings, stories, and some relevant poetry will be shared.

Rich learning materials will be provided. Your Zoom link will bet sent to you shortly before class.

Book your place in this series starting this Thursday, July 28th at 6pm

Reach out if you have questions. I hope to share these evenings with you!

Kind Regards — Brant