It’s Here! The Year of 10,000! — Hard to Believe. Let’s have a party!



This year brings a number of milestones for the work here.  Milestones I can hardly believe.  By my count there have been over 10,000 students registered for my classes here since the doors opened in 2004; yoga students, MBSR students, students in my specialized trainings with governments, universities, corporations, police agencies, firefighting districts, social service agencies, hospitals, and more.  Oh my!   As I tallied the classroom time with these courses and trainings I realized this has been more than 10,000 hours of time in the classrooms with folks.

Of course there are the thousands of students and hours of class time with other dear teachers here over the years; my former wife Marie, Laurie Bass, Sue Fernald, Carole Cotten-Figueiredo, Malkiera, John McGinity, and others!

What an incredible privilege it has been to be of support.  The moving and heartwarming stories students share with me as they find more of their inherent vitality and wisdom continues to inspire me.  Folks think of me as a teacher though I know in my heart of hearts my students are my teachers at every turn.

With so many years shared with them I have witnessed the blessings and challenges of life in these classrooms; children growing into adulthood, marriage and parenthood,  elderly folks passing into the great disappearance, illness transformed to health, vitality traumatized by a diagnosis, moments of tearful awareness in transition, the consequences of a car crash, the blessing of a wedding, the loss of a dear one, great laughter, and so very much more.


Also, this is the 15th year of life for this community of kind souls and time for an anniversary celebration!  We did so on the 10th Anniversary in 2014.  On that Saturday afternoon and evening students and teacher brought something in their life that they loved dearly; their music, song, photography, jewelery, woodwork, weaving, writing, crafts, a drag racing hotrod, a bag piper, and a lot more.  The classrooms became galleries and a music venue for the day.  We will do so again this year.

I will send out an official invitation for everyone in the weeks ahead.  The preliminary date is Saturday, March 23rd 3 until 8pm.  Save the date.  All are welcome.  Much more details to come.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve, support, and share with you all.  I look forward to the years ahead!  —  Brant