Healing and Staying Well; An evening with a physician, nutritionist, and organic farmer. Saturday, October 5th; 5:30-7pm

We have a profound capacity for healing and balanced well-being for ourselves, our loved ones, and those in our communities.  This is an early evening conversation with some clinicians and food growers.  These are folks who know the arc of self-care and community well-being will turn your heart and life toward that profound capacity of yours.

Kristin Kinnie MScN, MSW: As a nutritionist, I work with people to explore their questions, emotions and goals surrounding food and nutrition.  Good nutrition provides the building blocks our body requires and desires as we strive for optimum health.  I believe everyone’s journey towards optimum health is personal – you know your body best!  I work with people to tune into their own body and discover what truly nourishes, nurtures, and heals them.

Laura Rogers ND: As an integrative physician, Dr. Rogers strives to use the best of naturopathic and allopathic medicine in her practice. She believes that the foundation for health is a healthy lifestyle: healthy eating, regular physical activity, connection with nature and learning how to stay balanced amidst the inevitable stressors of life.  She provides naturopathic primary and adjunctive care with a focus on improving your mental and physical vitality. Her expertise includes family medicine, mental health, women’s health, and GI and endocrine imbalances.

James Brougham of Sparrowhawk Farms will share his experience of sustainable farming and explain it value to our community, our health, and our wellbeing.

We’ll touch upon your ability to nourish yourself toward vibrant health, to find your way of healing from the inside out, to source foods that hold compassion for our land, our community and your personal health.

You are invited to attend and share the evening  Saturday, October 5th; 5:30-7pm.  More details at this link.  Free and RSVP