How Loneliness Becomes Rich & Meaningful Solitude

May 16, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Online Class
Brant Rogers
503 640-6006

This is an early evening  session built to familiarize us with and practice the deeper realms of life through contemplative practices; sitting meditation, poetry, embodied ease, appreciative enquiry, the practices of compassion, and more. To acknowledge in a first-hand way our capacity to be with ourselves in a generous and loving mode. Especially now as we continue to wrestle with ‘distancing’ in so many ways.

We will periodically during the evening consider the thoughts and poetry of those who have experienced and explored loneliness.  The poet David Whyte talks generously about the transformation of loneliness to rich and meaningful solitude here:  How Loneliness Tells Us Where to Go.  Psychiatrist Sue Varma in her interview on NPR talks about her experiences working with folks in states of isolation, loneliness and trauma and what it means and how to work with it in our current times of quarantine and isolation:  What it means to face trauma in a household of one.

A bibliography of resources will be provided.

As with all my courses, this is no substitute for therapy or medical care.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with isolation or other aspects of life always check in with your physician or therapist.  This course, and all of my courses, intend to help us nurture what is vibrant within us even when it feels a bit hidden with life’s difficulties.  This is not a therapeutic intervention to fix something that is acutely challenging.  Visit your physician of therapist for that.  If you need, I will be glad to provide you with names and contact information for the therapists and physicians who know these programs and may be able to accept you as a new client/patient.

Online on Saturday, May 16th; 4-6pm.  $25 tuition. Book Now.  As always this term reach out to me if you have been impacted in recent weeks by the consequences of the pandemic; job loss, illness, reduced working hours.  Reach out to me and I will provide a place for you in class.

Kind Regards — Brant