What’s in Your Food?

February 6, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Natural, organic, non-GMO, heart healthy, 0g trans fat – what do these nutrition claims mean?  And what do you look for when purchasing processed and/or prepared food at the store?

If you consume any processed food in your diet (we all do – it’s hard not to!), this course will help you understand what’s in your food and how to make the healthiest choices possible when purchasing processed and/or prepared foods.  This course will cover how to read labels, understand nutrition claims on packaging, and what to look for/what to avoid.  You will walk away with tips and tricks that will help you be a smart consumer who can choose the foods that are best for you and your body, as well as make sure you know what’s in your food J

Tuition is $30.  For more information and to register:  contact Kristin Kinnie MScN, MSW at Fully Alive Nutrition,  fullyalivenutrition.kk@gmail.com, or 971 770-3400.