The Breathing Series on April 12th & 19th: Practicing Methods for Resilience & Vitality — Online 2-Class Series

April 12, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Stress Reduciton Clinic at Yoga Hillsboro
Brant Rogers
503 640-6006

Breath is a fundamental element of our lives and yet happens by default.  We have the ability to be aware of our breathing and to manage and control our breathing yet seldom do so unless we are victim to illness and forced to change breathing for therapeutic reasons.  Many of us have taken breath for granted and even subjected ourselves to pathogenetic activities like smoking and breathing in or snorting drugs.

There is incredible evidence that we can work with our breath to enhance our state of ease, health and essential vitality.  Yogis long ago attended to breath work with a variety practices grouped under the methodologies termed pranayama (working with life’s energy).  Let’s go beyond that with contemporary methods and science to guide us in some simple practices.

Let’s share this series over two session, two consecutive Monday evenings, to practice a bit and then do some homework to see how this might be helpful for us.  After all this is an era with a pandemic that threatens our ability to breathe.  Perhaps this will be helpful and in this series I will provide research evidence that shows it may well be so!

I will follow the superb recent book about breathing, Breath, by investigative journalist James Nestor  who practiced many breathing methodologies over a decade as he researched his book and interview experts all over the world.  Here is a video presentation by him about the topic.

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Much Love  —  Brant