The Be-Well Gathering: To Cure, to Heal, and to Be Resilient

January 27, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Medical and psychotherapeutic treatments can often be miraculous in their ability to cure a pathology.  A wonderful gift modern science offers us.  That is only part of the story.  

Our innate capacity to heal is the larger story, the context of living well even in the face a severe illness.  The relationships we have with our physicians, therapists, families, friends and with our minds and bodies are that larger context of health and well-being.  However important these relationships are, they are too often ignored or minimized in our fast-paces, goal-oriented  world striving to cure with is wrong with us.

We have the privilege of sharing the evening with counseling psychologist Dr. Stephanie Conn, the author of her upcoming book on meeting stress and enhancing resilience, Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel: Strengthening Your Mental Armor.  She will be in conversation with us about her experience supporting folks in high-stress professions as they do their best with her and her colleagues to heal, stay well, and be resilient in the face of immense stress.




Also, during the evening we may listen to some of the wisdom of physician  Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen on her OnBeing radio interview on NPR’s Onbeing program:  Listening Generously.

We may also share some passages from her best-selling books about the art and science of medicine in the context of healing:  Kitchen Table Wisdom.  She is no stranger to acute illness having been diagnosed with a debilitating and life=threatening illness in  her teens that her doctors said would kill her by her 40th birthday.  She is now nearing 80 having had a thriving medical practice, many years of training physicians, and two best-selling books about the art of healing in one’s unique, personal and powerful way.

So. . . . Let’s have a conversation with one another about this during this evening together.

 Bring along your willingness to have a conversation, enjoy yourself, learn, and meet some nice people.

All welcome to this event.  Register to RSVP because there is limited space.  Saturday, January 27th; 5-6:30pm.  Hope to share this with you!  —  Brant

RSVP Preregistration Please to make sure we have room

You may want to share the evening with a loved one.  —


  •  Aybla Grill, 180 E. Main Street #105, Hillsboro OR 503-372-9628. Outstanding Mediterranean fusion
  • Insomnia Coffee Company.  Open early and late in downtown Hillsboro.  Good beverages, pastries, and wifi.  Good place to informally hang out
  • Syun, 209 NE Lincoln (503 640-3131) superb Japanese
  • Pissario, 337 East Main (503 693-7953) Italian
  • Primrose and Tumbleweeds, 248 East Main (503 703-8525) good food, large wine selection and nice atmosphere
  • McNally’s Taproom, 370 East Main (503 268-1429) food and brews